ISACA London Chapter 40th Anniversary-22nd June 2021

ISACA London Chapter’s Annual Conference 2021 coincides with a major landmark for the Chapter - its 40th Anniversary. The Conference is open to over 4,000 of its members in the London area as well as ISACA chapter members from more than 200 chapters around the globe. The ISACA Chapter 2020 Conference hosted over 400 attendees from over 40 countries. ISACA London Conference 2021 will bring together experts and practitioners in the areas of audit, security, cybersecurity, compliance, risk, privacy, control and IT, from a wide range of industries, including finance, banking, tech services, government, insurance, medical and more.

This year the conference will include a keynote speech by a leading authority in cyber and national security, as well as industry experts and thought leaders sharing their practical experiences. The event will focus on risk-based adoption, audit and governance of disruptive technologies (covering but not limited to cloud / AI / IoT / AR / VR / robotics), and provide innovative approaches to deal with cyber security, audit and risk.

There will also be a distinguished panel on SheLeadsTech (part of One In Tech), which is an ISACA global initiative to increase the participation and impact of women in technology leadership and workforce roles.

Presentations and Videos

Cybercrime – the Changing Police Response Gould_Presentation_opt.pdf
Regulating Digital Investigations Hargreaves_Presentation_opt.pdf

CISOs in the Boardroom Beinse_Presentation_opt.pdf
5G-enabled business transformation Dimitriadis_Presentation_opt.pdf
The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age Different International Perspectives C_nar-Vanberg_Presentation_.pdf
Securing the workforce in times of uncertainty Burnell_Presentation_opt.pdf
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) SECURITY Alex_R-CISA_ICS_opt.pdf
Risk Quantification Bridgen_Presentation_opt.pdf


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