Government and Regulatory Affairs


Welcome to this webpage dedicated to the Government and Regulatory Affairs (GRA) portfolio of the ISACA London Chapter (ILC).   The London GRA informs its Members of regulatory and legal developments related to IT, governance, audit, information/cyber security, and privacy, among topics discussed in  the ILC Newsletters for Members and their organisations.  This GRA webpage also features public consultations  which have a wealth of background policy and research papers.  The public consultations, also discussed in ILC newsletters, also enable Members to see policy-making in real-time and on topics that complement regulatory and compliance themes of ISACA certificates and certifications. 

Legislation for national chapter governance

ISACA chapters are created on the basis of regulations in their respective countries, for example, based on whether they are an association, society, private limited company, or other basis under  Attorney General Office guidance.  In the case of the London Chapter, it was created as an association and then in November 2004, it was incorporated as a private company limited by guarantee ( This means it is a non-profit company, compared to a private limited company limited by shares which is for profit.   

In the UK, private limited companies have a status different from associations and charities: the London Chapter is bound by obligations to UK Companies House ( ), and its Chapter leaders being UK directors under Companies House comply with director responsibilities ( the UK Companies Act 2006 (  Additionally, for most all types of entities in the UK, there are data privacy regulations under the UK Data Protection Act 2018  and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) derived from the European Union's GDPR – see the UK Information Commissioner's Office, the independent supervisory body regarding UK data protection legislation (

GRA features in ILC Newsletters

The ILC publishes several newsletters and bulletins per month, most of which include several GRA  features or short paragraphs that summarise regulatory developments and public consultations on IT /Fintech, governance, audit, information/cyber security, and privacy among other topics. These features since December 2019 serve as a repository under those topic headings below, with updates to consultations provided in Notes.


Other ISACA chapters with GRA portfolios

Public consultations to which ILC GRA contributed

The London GRA team contributed including as lead, to submissions by ISACA to the following public consultations  of mainly UK government entities and an international organisation.  Below include links to the original consultation with background material, outcomes and references to ISACA submissions.