Audit and Risk Committee

Terms of Reference

The ISACA London Chapter Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) was created in December 2010. It is an independent appraisal body appointed by the Chapter Board to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities pertaining to the integrity of the Chapter’s financial statements, risk management processes and compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.



The Audit Committee members are your representatives for any governance matters which you may wish to raise and/or discuss. Please feel free to contact any member using the links above.


The members of the ARC are:

Kal Taheem, Chairman & Member Volunteer (Profile)

Sebastian Devasia, Member Volunteer (Profile)

Sean Titley,Member Volunteer (Profil)

Heima Iyer, Member Volunteer (Profile)

David Horn, Member Volunteer (Profile)


The Audit Committee meets four times each year in synchronisation with the meetings of the London Chapter's Legal Entity which is a company limited by guarantee.