Emerging Professionals


Megan Soriano
, megan.soriano@isacany.org

Amar Sewnarine, amar.sewnarine@isacany.org



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The ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter Emerging Professionals (EP) Committee focus on members new to the profession and younger members (35 and under) representing the future of the profession.  We provide guidance and networking opportunities as emerging professionals navigate through the early stages of their career.  The Emerging Professionals Committee promotes the value of ISACA’s certifications EPs and focus on EPs who recently took an ISACA certification exam

The ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter is dedicated to furthering the profession by cultivating strong relationships with the emerging professional community.

Contact: megan.soriano@isacany.org or amar.sewnarine@isacany.org for more information


Call to Action
Several opportunities are available for assisting the Emerging Professionals Committee. 

  • Assistance with event planning
  • Networking activities
  • Mentorship
  • Open discussion forums designed for individuals new to the profession
  • Career related workshops and opportunities such as ‘resume writing’, ‘mock interviews’, and much more
If you are interested, please contact volunteer@isacany.org.

Coffee Break Sessions
We've all been there - it's after lunch, you're trying to fill out workpapers or analyzing the audit evidence, and you hit a mental wall. It's 2PM and you absolutely have no energy to do progress.

Studies show that taking breaks increases your productivity at work. It is a way for all of us to de-stress a little - otherwise, we are too worked up for the rest of the day. As the pressure of busy season is increasing, we want to provide you with the opportunity to step away.

I am so excited to introduce our new series of events called - quite simply - Coffee Breaks. They are small-group meetups (think: 5 to 7 people at most!) to be held at various coffee shops, to step away from your daily grind. An experienced pro will be present to chat and listen in on what everyone is going through, and offer their advice. The session will run between 30 minutes to an hour - enough time for you to re-charge and get right back to work.

Please refer to the Events Calendar for future Coffee Break Sessions. Coffee and small snacks will be provided. (<--LINK TO THE EVENTS PAGE)

Beat the "2PM Lull" - see you at Coffee Break!

Let me know if you need additional information.