Third Party Advertisements

ISACA SA Chapter is supportive of any third party advertisements that are of benefit to its members. Such kind of beneficial advertisements include job vacancies for IT professionals, IT related products, services and/or trainings.

The following advertisements have just been added by Pick 'n Pay:

End User Security and Privacy Manager
Information Security Analyst

If you are interested in, please email a copy of your CV to by no later than 31 July 2020.

Any advertisements shown on this page are meant to help you advance your career by providing you with information about vacancies/products/services/trainings which may assist you to enhance your professional skills and knowledge.

All advertisements displayed on this page are paid for by the advertiser.

Any advertisements relating to third party products, services or trainings do not constitute endorsement by ISACA South Africa of either the advertiser or their training content or quality of the product, service and/or training provided.


Information for Advertisers:

2020 ISACA Advertising Rates

Pricing Structures 2020 (all prices are exclusive of VAT)

No. of months

Price per month per advert


1 (4 weeks)

R2, 247

R2, 247

2 (8 weeks)

R2 235

R4, 470

3 (12 weeks)

R2, 022

R6, 066

4 (16 weeks)

R1, 910

R7, 640

5 (20 weeks)

R1, 798

R8, 990

6 (24 weeks)

R1, 685

R10, 110


ISACA SA Chapter reserves the right to increase the advertising fees without prior notice.

Terms and conditions:

  • Advert request are to be submitted by email to the ISACA South Africa Chapter Office at
  • All advertisements need to be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  • Advertisement information will be restricted to one A4 page and a maximum of 450 words. Should your advert exceed the length of one A4 page and a maximum 450 words, the price for two months will be charged.
  • Advertisement may only contain one company logo or image. Should you wish to include a second logo or image, additional charges will be applied (10% increase; adverts including more than 2 logos or images will not be accepted).
  • All text will need to be in Arial font size 10.
  • Once an advert has been accepted for placement, an acknowledgement, invoice and request to deposit the fees into ISACA South Africa Chapter bank account will be forwarded to the advertiser.
  • Adverts will only be placed once payment has been received in full.
  • Once the advert is placed, a link will be sent to the advertiser to approve prior to notifying the ISACA SA members.
  • All chapter members will be notified via email of the advertisement.
  • Notifications are sent once per advert for every month of payment.

2020 Notification Schedule:

  • Advertisement notifications are generally sent out every four weeks. ISACA SA Chapter however takes Public Holidays as well as its ISACA SA Annual Conference dates into consideration. The notification schedule for 2020 is as follows:


New advert announcement

Advert submission deadline

Proof of payment required by

24 January

17 January

1 pm, 23 January

21 February

14 February

1pm, 20 February

13 March

6 March

1pm, 12 March

16 April

9 April

1pm, 15 April

15 May

8 May

1pm, 14 May

26 June

19 June

1pm, 25 June

24 July

17 July

1pm, 23 July

14 August

7 August

1pm, 13 August

18 September

11 September

1pm, 17 September

16 October

9 October

1pm, 15 October

20 November

13 November

1pm, 19 November

11 December

4 December

1pm, 10 December



ISACA SA Chapter reserves the right to change the dates without prior notice.


Additional terms and conditions relating to third party products, services and/or training adverts:


  • The advertisement section will clearly indicate that any products, services and/or trainings offered by third party providers do not constitute endorsement by ISACA South Africa of either the advertiser or their content or quality of the product, service and/or training provided.
  • The advertisement may not be a competing product, service or event to any ISACA South Africa Chapter product or event. ISACA South Africa Chapter will not accept any third party product, services or training advertisements during the months of May to August 2020.

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