Chapter Mentorship

We are excited to announce the  Mentorship Program designed to engage our community and support your careers. The first round of applications has closed on June 10th 2020. Please check back soon for future rounds of the program. 

Program Goals

Facilitate the matching of Mentors and Mentees throughout the Mentorship Program and collect feedback on your mentorship relationships.

Program Duration

The program does not put a time limit on the duration of the mentorship. However, a minimum commitment of 3 months is required for participation from Mentors and Mentees. The length of the relationship can be established between Mentors and Mentees at the outset or throughout the partnership.

How to Sign Up

Mentors sign-up form:

Mentees sign-up form:


Program Participation Guidelines

Overall Participation:

  • Meetings are expected to occur on a monthly basis, at minimum. Mentors and mentees can decide on how often to meet based on their needs.
  • Sessions are done virtually. Mentors and mentees can agree on what mode works best between them.


  • Be open to ask questions and understand your mentor’s experiences
  • Trust that this is a process that involves commitment
  • Communicate your short term and long-term goals
  • Provide timely updates about your progress
  • Be prepared for the scheduled meetings. Your mentor would need your inputs in order to drive better conversations and be more equipped to provide guidance
  • Be engaged in the discussions. Practice active listening with the intention of growing your career
  • Take down notes of the action plan / next steps looking towards your next session


  • Schedule virtual meetings/facilitate the frequency of meetings
  • Communicate your short-term and long-term goals
  • Assist in setting up performance goals to be achieved by the mentee
  • Be available to assist but not do the work for the mentee
  • Establish an environment of trust and confidence
  • Give constructive feedback to your mentee and work towards setting up the plan for success

Other Information

The Mentorship Program is only opened to Members of the ISACA Toronto Chapter.

Mentor / Mentee matching is done based on survey responses and best compatibility available. For any questions and concerns before or after being matched please reach out to

By participating in the ISACA Toronto Chapter Mentorship Program you agree to uphold ISACA Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.