Privacy Mentoring Pilot

Note that the Privacy Mentoring Pilot program is in progress. We will be able to receive more applications to be a Mentee or a Mentor in June, 2021. If you have any further questions - please email us at

What is the Privacy Mentoring Program?

This year, ISACA has introduced a new Certification directed to privacy professionals who are technically savvy, the CDPSE – Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer. Our Chapter has decided to sponsor a Pilot Program to help our members with qualifying experience* enter the field of privacy. In a classic Mentor/Mentee arrangement, recognized Privacy professionals members of our chapter or qualifying as Mentors will assist the entrants in the privacy profession obtain hands on experience in a unique – short term – mentoring program.
The Privacy Mentoring Pilot Program for 2020 is seeking to partner with sponsoring supporters in the GTAA
The program matches qualifying Mentees with seasoned privacy professionals (Mentors) already established in the privacy field and supporters who are interested in adopting privacy practices in their organization.
Over a three - six week period, each Mentor-Mentee pair will works together to tackle realistic deliverables for an employer which is the best match for the Mentee’s abilities and goals.
The Program will start receiving applications in November 2020 and a potential start of the program is envisioned for early December 2020.

The Track Record

The ISACA Toronto Chapter has provided other mentoring programs with successful results, where program graduates have obtained employment in their field, either during the length of the program or within a few months from the completion of the program.

The Keys to Success

  • Fast paced Mentorship program with three-six weeks full-time immersion into an organization solving real problems for an employer (period may extend depending on the availability of the Mentee)
  • Minimum 6 online group meetings to enhance group support and networking & Minimum 8-12 touch points with their Mentor
  • Recording feedback, milestones, successes and suggestions for program improvement along the way
  • Close monitoring of progress
  • Program completion and success metrics
  • Learning from success stories as well as from peers challenges to move forward
  • Support from a dedicated team including an Oversight Committee for the Program

How does it work?

  • Participants who want to be mentored commit to a three (3) to six (6) weeks online program (full time) and to meeting once or twice per week with their Mentor to build certain artifacts needed by an employer who is a sponsor in the program. The artifacts are limited in scope and additional materials and guidance are available through the Mentor and the Oversight Committee. The program will try to match Mentors with a Mentee with similar backgrounds and interests.
  • The Pilot Program has an Oversight Committee with ISACA members who are also senior certified privacy professionals. The Oversight Committee members will monitor and support the mentorship relationship through onboarding, ongoing advice and touch points, group interactions, feedback sessions, and problem‐solving sessions (if required).
  • Over the course of the program, the Oversight Committee will present webinars and provide assistance to each pair of mentor and mentee.

Mentorship Program Requirements

  • Mentors need to hold a privacy certification from ISACA or IAPP. Preference will be given to ISACA members for this role.
  • Mentees need to be either ISACA members or graduates of at least one of the University of Toronto School of Continuous Studies Privacy Management Certificate courses
  • Mentors and Mentees must apply using the forms provided on the ISACA Toronto Chapter website and qualify for the Pilot Program
  • Participants must complete a minimum of one Onboarding session held online by the Oversight Committee before the start of their term with an employer
  • Mentees must record each meeting through the form provided by the Oversight Committee
  • Participate at least in 1-2 touch points per week with their Mentor and additional touch points with the Oversight Committee (as a group activity) to report and monitor progress
  • While this is not an employment placement, Mentees must be eligible to work in Canada as a full time employee (Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or holder of a Temporary Work Permit)
  • Participants that complete all the requirements will receive a Certificate of participation in the program
  • Upon request, a letter certifying the total volunteer hours will be issued to Mentors so they can claim their Professional Development Units (PDUs)

*Qualifying experience refers to a professional (ISACA Member) who either took a relevant Privacy course with an ISACA recognized provider or partner (e.g. University of Toronto School of Continuous Studies), or someone who has worked on certain privacy components of projects at their place of business and who is recommended by a Mentor with relevant professional privacy experience.

How to Apply

Mentees are required to fill out this form and send it to the ISACA Chapter at Mentees will require a Verifier (preferrable an ISACA member) to sign the form and the experience or qualifying criteria presented on the form
Mentors are required to fill out this form and send it to the ISACA Chapter at and be prepared to support a Mentee as per program requirements. Mentors need to meet the qualifying criteria for mentors.