Chapter Officer Duties

ISACA Utah Chapter Officer Duties

Officer Duties

The Chapter Officers shall perform the duties prescribed the Chapter Bylaws, and the parliamentary authority adopted by the Chapter.


  • Preside at meetings of the Chapter and the Chapter Board
  • Ensure all Chapter Board members have reviewed the Chapter Affiliation Agreement
  • Appoint all committee chairpersons and members, except for the Nominating Committee, with approval of the Chapter Board
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee
  • Ensure the chapter is represented by a chapter leader at all ISACA chapter leadership events. Attendance of individual(s) should be approved by the chapter board
  • Serve as liaison and advisor in coordinating the activities of the local Chapter in support of the Association
  • Present an annual report to members at the AGM; such report to consist of reports from various Chapter officers and committees
  • Maintain communications with the Association and respond to Association inquiries
  • Complete/submit the required annual Compliance documentation to the Association within 30 days after the Chapter’s AGM
  • Supervise budgetary matters and proper internal control of finances
  • Execute agreements authorized by the Chapter Board of Directors
  • Ensure Chapter trainers for ISACA certifications are accredited by ISACA
  • Perform other duties as pertain to the office of President, or which may be delegated by the Chapter Board

Vice President

  • In the absence of the Chapter president, preside at meetings of the Chapter and the Chapter Board
  • In the event the president is absent or unable, perform the duties of the President
  • In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, assume the office of President
  • Perform other duties as pertain to this office.


  • Take minutes of the meetings of the Chapter Board, membership meetings, and AGM, and maintain a copy of the records,
  • Maintain accurate attendance records,
  • Be responsible for the legal affairs, Chapter records and correspondence pertaining to the Chapter,
  • Assist the President in the administration of Chapter meetings
  • Perform other duties as pertain to this office.


  • Be custodian of Chapter funds
  • Receive and disburse such funds of the Chapter as shall be required in the conduct of its affairs and the carrying on of its activities or as directed by the Chapter Board
  • If received locally, remit dues to the Association as required
  • Submit a written report at each regular Chapter and Board meeting
  • Along with the President, authorize expenditures from, or transfers of funds from/to the Chapter’s US Dollar account held at the Association
  • Submit annual financial statements for presentation to the membership at the AGM
  • Submit books and records for audit, if/when required
  • File any and all required tax forms
  • Perform other duties as pertain to this office

Immediate Past President

  • Serves in an advisory capacity.

Chapter Officers

The Officers of the Chapter shall be 5 in number, constituting: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President.

The Board:

  • Supervises the affairs and conduct the business of the Chapter.
  • Makes recommendations to the membership.
  • Is subject to the orders of the membership.
  • Meets at least as often and in the same months as the regular chapter meetings at a time and place determined by the Chapter Board. The Chapter President may call a Chapter Board meeting at any time deemed necessary.

Chapter Vacancies

  • If the membership of a Chapter officer terminates for any reason, that individual’s position as Chapter officer shall automatically become vacant.
  • If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the vacancy shall be filled by the Vice President.
  • If a vacancy occurs in any office, except that of Immediate Past President or President, the vacancy shall be filled by Chapter Board vote.
  • If a vacancy occurs in the office of Immediate Past President, the position shall remain vacant until filled by routine succession. A previous past president would not fill this role.