2023 SheLeadsTech Ambassadors

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Signup Deadline: 30 Nov, 2023
Starts: 15 Dec, 2023
Ends: 15 Dec, 2023
Location: Online Opportunity


SheLeadsTech Ambassadors is One In Tech’s global allyship program that engages and resources those who support the inclusion and advancement of women in digital trust professions. This volunteer opportunity is not only for women, but also for allies across the gender spectrum who advocate, sponsor, mentor, and champion gender balance. Ambassadors may also work with their chapter leaders to support local SheLeadsTech efforts.

Anticipated Outcomes:
  • Amplify message of gender balance and inclusivity in digital trust.
  • Establish an apparatus for One In Tech to track, measure, and report the local impact of SheLeadsTech efforts and inform global SheLeadsTech strategy.
  • Resource ambassadors with information and tools to reach beyond ISACA and engage the wider digital trust community as global allies in the work of SheLeadsTech.
  • Be the genesis of a global coalition of stakeholders (non-profits, corporations, associations, and initiatives) to achieve and sustain diversity and inclusion in digital trust.
  • This opportunity term is from the time of acceptance until the end of 2022, after which eligible ambassadors may renew their pledge for the following year. (Disregard the 15 Dec start and end date above.)

Volunteer Criteria:

  • ISACA membership not required but encouraged
  • Must sign-up for SheLeadsTech online community on ISACA Engage (membership not required)
  • Must complete SheLeadsTech Ambassador Pledge annually (below)
  • Must complete SheLeadsTech Ambassador Activity agreement annually (below)

Volunteer Benefits:

  • This opportunity does not offer CPEs. 
  • Ambassadors may share their role on:
    • Social media
    • Professional profiles (LinkedIn, associations, related special interest platforms)
    • Resumes
    • Curriculum Vitae
  • Receive an Ambassador ribbon under your profile within the Engage online communities.
  • Expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals committed to gender inclusivity around the world.
  • Champion the advancement of women leaders in digital trust.

SheLeadsTech Ambassador Pledge:

  1. Support SheLeadsTech’s mission to foster gender diversity in digital trust professions to accelerate women into leadership roles.
  2. Sponsor the advancement of women in the workplace.
  3. Advocate for diverse, equitable, and inclusive hiring practices.
  4. Explore and become aware of personal biases.
  5. Mentor and be mentored by women.
  6. Hold others accountable for their words and actions.
  7. Speak up for inclusion and belonging.

SheLeadsTech Activity Agreement:

  1. Attend two (2) semi-annual virtual meetings (two meetings each year) to receive the latest information about SheLeadsTech, share feedback, and inform the future of SheLeadsTech events.
  2. Stay abreast of SheLeadsTech news and events via quarterly Ambassador communications, and One In Tech/ISACA website and social media platforms.
  3. Attend/participate in one (1) SheLeadsTech activity or similar initiative each quarter.
    1. Events: in-person, virtual
    2. Digital Media: blog posts, podcasts, interviews, video content
    3. Advocacy: days of action, civic engagement, volunteering
  4. Collect and share survey data from attendance at and/or participation in SheLeadsTech activities or similar initiatives with the ISACA Global One In Tech team on a quarterly basis.
  5. Promote/share SheLeadsTech and related content on all personal social media platforms, including the SheLeadsTech Engage Community, using globally consistent SheLeadsTech hastags, messaging, and imagery at least once per month.

ISACA and One In Tech reserve the right to remove SheLeadsTech Ambassadors who are not abiding by the commitments and has final say in such matters.


All volunteers must have an ISACA Participation Agreement on file.  To see if your agreement is active, visit your volunteer profile. Access all volunteer policies here.


Global Community

Volunteers Needed:

999 (778 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience

Engagement Points:


Staff Facilitator:

Noelle Pickler
Community Engagement Operations Manager

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