2020 Data Science Study Guide SME Reviewers

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Signup Deadline: 19 Jun, 2020
Starts: 29 Jun, 2020
Ends: 16 Jul, 2020
Location: Online Opportunity


This group of volunteers will participate in the review of a data science study guide for the new IT Associates Certification program. The group’s deliverables will consist of feedback on the technical accuracy of the study guide content as well as assessment of the value of the study guide content for individuals new to data science and preparing to take the certificate exam. 

Anticipated outcomes:

The volunteers will support the delivery of the IT Associates Data Science Certificate by reviewing a draft study guide for:

  • Technical accuracy; and
  • Depth of knowledge appropriate for those new to Data Science
Anticipated review dates are 29 June - 16 July 2020 but may be flexible depending on the final draft development schedule.

Volunteer Criteria:

  • Knowledge of Data Science
  • Knowledge of enterprise needs for skill and competencies required for newly hired, entry-level Data Scientists
  • Understanding the Data Science market including certifications and sources of knowledge currently available for those new to Data Science

Volunteer benefits:

  • Up to 10 CPE credits (max. 20 annually) in the area of Contributions to the Profession upon successful completion of the term.


All volunteers must have an ISACA Participation Agreement on file. To see if your agreement is active, visit your volunteer profile. Access all volunteer policies here


Knowledge and Content

Volunteers Needed:

5 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience

CPE Credits:


Staff Facilitator:

Matthew Weber

ISACA’s Philosophy on Volunteer Engagement

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