2019 Webinar Speakers

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Signup Deadline: 15 Oct, 2019
Starts: 15 Dec, 2019
Ends: 15 Dec, 2019
Location: Online Opportunity


ISACA seeks subject matter experts in IT security, auditing and consulting fields to lead webinars throughout 2019. ISACA Webinars are one-hour educational presentations that focus on current industry topics and practices that impact IT related fields. Ideal topics include:

  • Cloud Security
  • Cybersecurity for Auditors
  • IT Risk Management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Privacy
  • Cyber Threats
  • Third Party Risk Management

Volunteer Criteria:

  • ISACA membership not required.
  • Expertise in the selected topic
  • Microsoft Programs such as PowerPoint
  • Ability to connect via internet and phone to virtual meeting platform

Volunteer benefits:

  • Self-claim CPE hours
  • Global Networking
  • Building your Personal Brand
  • Resume Builder
  • Help your fellow peers
  • Professional Growth
  • Personal Development

Application Process:

To be considered for a webinar speaker slot, please click APPLY above and have the following information prepared to complete in the form:

  1. Proposed title of your webinar
  2. Brief description of the topic (100 words max)
  3. 3-4 Learning objectives. Start each objective with a verb such as learn, discuss, debate, identify.
  4. Your professional affiliation: Title and company
  5. Speaker biography (150 words max)
  6. Name(s) and email address(es) of any potential co-presenters.
Term: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis by the Learning Solutions Department and scheduled accordingly throughout 2019. Accepted speakers will have "2019 webinar speaker" recorded in their volunteer history with a standard year-end date (not specific to their individual webinar.)

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Continuing professional education is best accomplished in a setting that encourages dialogue, discussion and debate, both formally within the sessions and informally. Volunteer speakers will offer cutting-edge thought leadership, research and advice on the current and emerging threat environment and how you can be better prepared to counter it. 
  • ISACA seeks innovative webinar proposals that not only speak to the current industry climate, but also provide context. Speakers should offer real-world examples, case studies, successes and failures, examples of actual tools and working papers used and insights on emerging issues. ISACA is not looking for lectures, but rather innovative and exciting educational webinars. ISACA expects learning objectives for proposed presentations to reflect actions and abilities the attendees can employ from participating in the webinar. The learning objectives must be clear and measurable. Learning objectives need to complete the following sentence: “After completing this session, the participant will be able to…”.
  • The speaker must agree to a date and time available from the ISACA webinar calendar and prepare 60 minutes presentation that will be presented live. Speaker should also be prepared to answer a live question and answer during the webinar. The speaker must provide a webinar title, webinar abstract, headshot, bio and credentials. Speaker will need to sign an ISACA Speaker Agreement and provide PowerPoint presentation of 40-45 slides covering the proposed content. Additional resources to provide webinar participants is optional. This could include white papers, relevant articles, tools, guides, sample programs and other information that extends the learning beyond the session and adds value to the event. Presentation material including additional resources is subject to quality review by the subject matter experts and must be ready in its final form approximately 10 days prior to the event. Please carefully consider, if selected as a speaker, whether you would be able to comply with the deadline.
  • Industry-specific sessions are welcome to make guidance more specific. Proposals from a panel are also accepted in order to share multiple perspectives on a topic.


All volunteers must have an ISACA Participation Agreement on file.  To see if your agreement is active, visit your volunteer profile. Access all volunteer policies here. Selected speakers will also need to sign a speaker agreement with the Learning Solutions Department.


Global Community
Knowledge and Content

Volunteers Needed:

50 (40 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience

Staff Facilitator:

Lucy Buckley

ISACA’s Philosophy on Volunteer Engagement

ISACA encourages the active participation of our dedicated professional community in relevant, compelling and innovative activities at both the regional and international levels. With appreciation for the talent, expertise and experience each person contributes, volunteers and staff work collaboratively to fulfill ISACA’s purpose and promise, while benefiting from incredible experiences and accomplishments that instill confidence in our professional and personal growth.