2021 IT Audit, Cyber Security & Risk Insights Conference


Jo Stewart-Rattray

What the Executive and the Board Need to Know About Cyber Security
Jo Stewart-Rattray is an experienced C-Suite Executive and Board Director who speaks regularly with Executive Teams, Boards and Audit & Risk Committees about Cyber Security which is not just a fad but if handled badly represents a real corporate and material risk to organisations and indeed to the reputations of directors. This unique look at cybersecurity and the broader security discipline will highlight the discussions that CISO’s should be having with their Executives and Boards including; cross-organisational collaboration; appropriate resourcing; convergence of traditionally separate disciplines and will explore the role of Boards, Executive teams in relation to security.

Speaker Profile

Jo has over 25 years of experience in the IT field some of which were spent as CIO in the Utilities and as Group CIO in the Tourism space, and with significant experience in the Information Security arena including as CISO in the healthcare sector. She underpins her information technology and security background with her qualifications in education and management. 

She specialises in consulting in risk and technology issues with a particular emphasis on governance and security in both the commercial and operational areas of businesses. Jo provides strategic advice to organisations across a number of industry sectors including banking and finance, utilities, manufacturing, tertiary education, retail, healthcare and government. 

Jo has extensive board and committee experience.  She has chaired a number of ISACA’s international committees including the Board Audit & Risk Committee, Leadership Development and Professional Influence & Advocacy.  She served as an Elected Director on ISACA’s International Board of Directors for seven years and was the founder of its global women’s leadership initiative, SheLeadsTech. 

Michael O. Addo-Yobo

Topic: Designing and Implementing Cybersecurity & IT GRC Governance
The presentation will discuss the tactics and tools necessary to embed effective governance into enterprise cybersecurity and GRC programs and ultimately set up an enterprise for long-term value creation. At the end of the presentation, attendees will be exposed to the key elements of a governance framework and will learn how to rationalize and implement a governance framework that integrates cybersecurity with IT GRC.  

Speaker Profile

Michael is a sought-after enterprise information strategy, governance, risk, compliance and cybersecurity leader. He has been successful in designing and delivering to strategic targets as an enterprise executive, or as an advisor to C-suite on a wide range/scope of IT governance, information risk, compliance, cybersecurity and resilience initiatives.

After almost 30 years of overall technology and business experience in Africa, Europe and North America, Michael's professional philosophy is well-grounded in the desire to pursue and consistently achieve quantifiable value-driven results. This desire is enabled by extensive experience with global, large, medium and small enterprises across multiple industry segments - Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Sector, Technology, Cloud & Telecom, Energy/Utilities, Consumer Business, etc. 

As a strategic thinker, advisor, thought leader, team motivator/mentor and intricate problem solver, Michael has a strong passion for demonstrable value and has been duly recognized as an achiever. He also has a passion for sharing knowledge and insights and has delivered multiple presentations on current and emerging enterprise information governance, risk, compliance and cybersecurity management topics across North America. He continues to bring thoughtful industry or market-focused insights and perspectives that consistently add value, mitigate risks and help enterprises solve business challenges and achieve desired strategic outcomes.

Vivian Nwoji

Managing Cyber Risk in a Digital Supply Chain Ecosystem

The digital transformation of businesses in the wake of the pandemic has opened up a new way of living and working. There is increased inter-connectivity and inter-dependencies on breakthrough technologies. Modern supply chains have continued to evolve from simple linear chains to diverse and complex processes. The flow of information or products travels through multiple and complex nodes, networks, and organisations.
This presentation will cover cyber risks related to digital supply chains as organisations continue to undergo digital transformations.

Speaker Profile

Vivian Nwoji is an experienced Cybersecurity professional with expertise across multiple industries. She is presently the Regional Security Manager, EMEA at Dentsu International, headquartered in London, UK and has security oversight for about 15000 end-users across over 40 countries.

She holds a master’s degree in information security from Royal Holloway, University of London, including other industry-recognized security certifications. She is a member of the ISACA London Chapter, a SheLeadsTech Ambassador, and an ISACA Global volunteer, with the CRISC and CISM exam item development working groups.
In her free time, she enjoys travelling, cooking, and spending time with family.

Foster Kwashie Kplomdo

Topic: The Evolution of Cyber Threats: How to Protect Your Organization

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” This saying is never truer than in these times of fast-growing businesses, speed to market in the face of intense competition, demanding regulatory frameworks, numerous and potentially confusing industry standards and the ever-expanding global cyberspace with its inherent cyber treats; How are you sharping your cyber-axe to protect your organization from these threats?

Speaker Profile

As an experienced technology and security professional, Foster has worked in leadership roles across multiple technology disciplines in several multinational companies, as an instructor with some of the reputable academic institutions in the country and as a consultant to several businesses.

With over 17 years of progressive experience in the technology industry, a knack for research and a drive for process optimization and knowledge sharing, Foster knows how to concretely define problems, prescribe solutions and execute them towards helping businesses and professionals maximize their potentials.

Anjali Attri

Topic: Scams and Seniors

Everyone needs to pay attention to Internet security these days. Age doesn't matter; everyone needs to have the proper knowledge of current online or telephone scams and how to prevent them from getting breached. As internet use is increasing daily, more and more people go online every day, many clever criminals have also moved to online fraud and attacks. It is also well known that every year, seniors are scammed and lose their hard-earned money within minutes. Bad guys target older adults because they assume that elders are more vulnerable and have less knowledge of internet security. Of course, every online user is vulnerable to online attacks, but unfortunately, our seniors are the main target for many of these scammers. I am willing to create my presentation in a simplified manner so that it is straightforward for older adults to understand:

1. What is a Scam?
2.  Types of various Scams and how to avoid them

Speaker Profile

Anjali works as a Security Consultant for Telus. I enjoy using my Information Security skills to contribute to the Security tasks that happen every day at Telus. I graduated from the University of Victoria in 2020 with a Mater's Degree in Information Security.
My passion for working as a Security Analyst comes from a lifelong obsession with helping people, especially young kids and older people. I find teaching the general public about Cybersecurity basics is a way for me to connect with them.
My current areas of interest are Cloud Security and automation in the Security field.

Xolile Sibande

Topic: The Human Factor: Security Awareness Training, a Tool Against Security Threats

Users play a key role in building trust in the digital ecosystem but are they aware of what the ecosystem itself entails. We look at how user behaviour focused awareness can be used as a tool against security threats and challenges in the ecosystem.

Speaker Profile

Xolile is an Information Security and Cybersecurity professional with a background in the education, financial, insurance, banking and regulatory sector. I am passionate about user awareness and training as I believe that they are key to achieving a desirable security environment.