Chapter Committees

Academic Relations Committee

Promotes student awareness of the IT governance, cybersecurity, privacy, IT audit and risk management professions, identifies member schools, and maintains ongoing working relationships with school advocates. Committee and sub-committee members include:

Advocacy Committee

Promotes the credibility and capability of ISACA members, the value of ISACA's credentials and the robustness of ISACA knowledge in the central Ohio area. The committee presents an annual marketing strategy to the Board, including outreach initiatives to local businesses, universities, government and regulatory agencies and charities. Committee and sub-committee members include:

  • Community Relations Sub-Committee
    • Marianne Brown
  • Diversity & Inclusion Sub-Committee
    • Eric Amankwa
  • Rising Professionals Sub-Committee
  • SheLeadsTech Sub-Committee
    • Marianne Brown
    • Jill Kerns
  • Sponsorship Sub-Committee
  • Volunteer Relations Sub-Committee

Audit Committee

Appointed annually by the chapter Board. Performs an independent audit of the financial affairs of the chapter, at least annually between March 1 and April 15, and at such other time(s), as deemed advisable. Committee and sub-committee members include:

  • Dawn Bell
  • Stephen Bishel

Communications Committee

Responsible for timely communication of chapter news and events to the membership through the chapter website, email, newsletter, and social media. Committee and sub-committee members include:

Events Committee

Rresponsible for managing chapter events including Board meetings, chapter meetings, presentations, trainings and social events. Responsibilities include securing venues and speakers, presenting estimated costs to the Board before booking and aligning costs with budgeted expense amounts. The committee also prepares attendance documentation, collects money at the door for events, and provides detailed expense documentation, cash collection and attendance records to the Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. Committee and sub-committee members include:

Membership Committee

Manages the composition of the chapter members and officers. Responsible for nominations and elections of the chapter leadership as well as tracking and maintaining lists of chapter members and certifications. Committee and sub-committee members include:

Membership Training Committee

Organizes and promotes seminars and programs of professional education including exam review training courses. Committee and sub-committee members include:

Treasurer Committee

Manages the chapter finances. Oversees the annual budgeting process and reports financial positions to the chapter Board monthly as well as produces an annual report before the month of March. Responsibilities include reconciling financial transactions to the chapter bank account, preparing the chapter tax return, collecting fees for events and other activities, maintaining a balanced financial record, and managing the chapter’s incorporation fees and licenses, tax identification number, and insurance. Committee and sub-committee members include: