ISACA Central Ohio Chapter Cybersecurity Fellows Program

Spring 2024 ISACA Central Ohio Chapter Cybersecurity Fellows Program and Scholarship Awardees Announced 

We'd like to congratulate our ten newest Central Ohio ISACA chapter members who were accepted into our inaugural ISACA Central Ohio Chapter Cybersecurity Fellows Program and Scholarship. In this innovative and experiential program, candidates explore the field of cybersecurity while engaging with industry professionals in the Central Ohio ISACA chapter. Additionally, through the ISACA credentialing service, they will earn an internationally recognized Cybersecurity Fundamentals certificate. Upon completion, they will become an ISACA Cybersecurity Fellow and will be awarded a $500 scholarship!

This pilot program, which targeted Ohio University students, runs through the spring 2024 semester. These individuals stood out in a competitive field, based on their academic accomplishments, personal essay on cybersecurity career pursuits, and their professor’s recommendation. In the program, the selected candidates receive membership to ISACA (international) with Central Ohio as their local chapter (worth $25), study materials for the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate (worth about $200), and reimbursement for one exam fee (worth about $120)Additionally, candidates are expected to attend a minimum of one Central Ohio ISACA chapter meeting, have at least one mentoring session with a Central Ohio ISACA member, and pass the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate exam to become a Fellow and receive the $500 scholarship.

If you are an active ISACA Central Ohio Chapter member and would like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact Cameron Latham at   

A special “THANK YOU” to our Academic Relations Selection Committee for their dedication and diligence in establishing this program. Members included:  Laura Aeh, Alyssa Ahmann, Amgad Fahmy, Cameron Latham and John Roberts.

Our Spring 2024 ISACA Central Ohio Chapter Cybersecurity Fellows Program and Scholarship Awardees include:

Adeola Adewa
Graduate Student in Information and Telecommunication Systems


Christian Avornu
Graduate Student in Information and Telecommunication Systems

  Amanda Miller
Undergraduate Student in Management Information Systems, Analytics and Marketing
  Michael Nkansah
Graduate Student in Information and Telecommunication Systems

From Adeola, “Beyond the regional advantages, the ISACA Cybersecurity Fellowship program represents a pinnacle in my professional aspirations. ISACA's globally recognized certifications and fellowships are the gold standard in the field, and becoming a Fellow would grant me access to cutting-edge knowledge, industry best practices, and a network of esteemed professionals.”

From Adeola's Professor, "[Adeola is]… usually the first person to speak up and ask questions in class."

From Christian, “The dynamic IT industry in Central Ohio offers the perfect setting for learning from top cybersecurity experts and working together on cutting-edge solutions.”

From Christian's Professor, "His graduate project stood out to me as informative and insightful. It dealt with building reliable and secure sensor networks in a manufacturing environment. He has had industry experience in this area, and he was excited to pair that with cybersecurity.”

From Amanda, “I find the connection between business and cybersecurity fascinating, and my goal is to combine these two fields in my career. It would be awesome to be able to talk to cybersecurity professionals and gain more industry knowledge through ISACA.” 

From Amanda's Professor, “It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Amanda Miller… and I have no doubt she will be an asset as an ISACA Cybersecurity Fellow."

From Michael, “The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals, experts, and mentors within the ISACA community is particularly compelling.” 

From Michael's Professor, “I  have had the pleasure of having Michael in my "Network Security" course… will say I have no concerns about his ability…” 





Raphael Nyonyoh
Graduate Student in Information and Telecommunication Systems


Abimbola Abiodun Ogunjinmi
Graduate Student in Information and Telecommunication Systems


Trenton Rorabaugh
Undergraduate Student in Management Information Systems and Analytics


Jessie Titas
Undergraduate Student in Management Information Systems and Analytics

From Raphael, “My passion for safeguarding the digital world and commitment to continuous learning and excellence drive me to explore cybersecurity and strive to become an ISACA Cybersecurity Fellow.” 

From Raphael's Professor, “…Raphael did not hesitate to pursue the details of your award and start the application process… that signals motivation and initiative.”

From Abimbola, “The ISACA Cybersecurity Fellows Program embodies an exceptional opportunity, enabling the fusion of my academic excellence with practical insights gained through engagement in the Central Ohio ISACA Professional Association.” 

From Abimbola's Professor, “I have found Abimbola to be … professional … he prepares for presentations … reviews class slides in advance … asks thought provoking questions, and offers valuable insight.”

From Trenton, “I believe preparing for the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Exam in the program's unique learning environment will accelerate my trajectory as an aspiring cybersecurity professional.” 

From Trenton's Professor, “I believe him to be well suited for a variety of technical positions and shows the capacity for leadership opportunities.  I am confident that Trent would be a valuable team member in any organization.” 

From Jessie, "In an era where digital surveillance is omnipresent, legal and ethical considerations for businesses are constantly evolving. Consequently, cybersecurity is an area that demands attention, no matter the business. I am eager to contribute to the field by ensuring that the solutions developed are both technologically sound and comply with legal frameworks to uphold a secure and lawful digital environment.” 

From Jessie's Professor, “Her exceptional academic performance, dedication, and leadership skills make her a strong candidate, and I am confident that she will make significant contributions in the field of cybersecurity.”

Richard Tordzro
Graduate Student in Information and Telecommunication Systems


Brayden VanOster
Undergraduate Student in Management Information Systems and Analytics

From Richard, “Central Ohio's burgeoning tech hub and the diverse industries it hosts underscore the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures.” 

From Richard's Professor, “… [Richard] does his work, is a team player, does not shy away from responsibility, and takes his studies seriously.” 

From Brayden, “While studying MIS and Business Analytics I have realized the importance of have a secure and safe platform for the user. This is why I believe a cybersecurity certificate would pair well with MIS and Business Analytics, and make me a more well-rounded and valuable individual in my professional career.”  

From Brayden's Professor, “… an exceptional candidate who embodies the program's values and has the potential to make significant contributions to the field of cybersecurity.”