Committee Members:

  • Carrie Schrader
  • Shannon Desjardins
  • Doug Wahr
  • Lauren Schaal (Contractor)
  • Richard Cozart (Contractor)

The goal of the Facilities Committee is to identify, manage and provide meeting and
seminar locations that promote networking and learning. Locations are offered to meet
our demographic needs with a balance of east-side and west-side locations. We focus
on the delivery of quality technical experience, great food options and ease of location
next to major freeways. Also, we will begin offering a virtual experience periodically
throughout the year or when necessary due to restriction.
The committee is also responsible for the tracking of participation and attendance for
continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Should a member need information on
past attendance, we can assist them in determine CPE eligibility.
Contact:  facilities@isaca-det.org

Call to action:
1. Assist the committee with suggesting potential location options.