About the conference

“Navigating the Future: Building Digital Trust through Effective IT Governance

 in the Era of InnovateTech”

The 2023 Hybrid ISACA Manila Annual Conference is a two-day highly anticipated event that will take place on September 13-14, 2023, at the Golden Ballroom, Okada Manila.  
In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, the transformative power of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), is reshaping industries, economies, and societies. As we embrace the opportunities presented by this digital revolution, it becomes crucial to ensure that trust, ethics, and responsible governance be the core of our digital future.  
This year's theme highlights the importance of building trust in the digital age and how AI and IT governance can play a crucial role in achieving this goal. The conference will focus on topics such as the ethical use of AI, data privacy and security, regulatory compliance, risk management, and the role of IT governance in shaping digital transformation.  It will also explore case studies and best practices from organizations that have successfully built digital trust and leveraged AI and IT governance to drive business growth and innovation.
Overall, the conference aims to provide a platform for industry leaders, experts, and practitioners to share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on how to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving digital landscape while building trust and maintaining ethical standards.
As a leading organization in the industry, ISACA Manila is dedicated to advancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of its members and the wider community through educational and networking events like this one.

The two-day conference will bring together over 200 industry professionals, executives, and decision-makers from various sectors including financial services, security, assurance, privacy, government, education, and more. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from renowned keynote speakers, gain knowledge, participate in informative sessions, and expand network of professional contacts.

Attending the conference ensures that organizations will have employees who are up to date with the most current information and insights to make better informed IT and business decisions. Most importantly, upon their return to work, they’ll be ready to share with their colleagues the useful information they have gained as well as be ready to immediately implement what the delegate has learned.

We look forward to having you join hundreds of delegates from different industries as we learn and explore new strategies and best practices from our set of esteemed speakers, and to share experiences of the ever-changing digital world in this unique educational experience.

Earn up to 16 CPEs!

*Rates are inclusive of Tax




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