Track Session 1 - Security A

Speaker: Mr. Paul Jackson
Title: “The realities of Incident Response”
 A key component of any cyber security program is having a capability to respond. Whether it is an attack against (a) the technology directly (such as network breach, ransomware, DDoS etc); (b) a fraud committed using technology (Business e-Mail Compromise, impersonation fraud, Identity Theft etc.); or (c) an insider threat (Employee Investigation, Corporate Espionage, human error etc), effective response and mitigation is critical. This presentation will talk through case studies and discuss best practices to respond to incidents.

Track Session 2 - Security B

Speaker: Mr. Rajiv Raghunarayan
Title: “Does your Endpoint need a Stunt Double?”
The world’s a different place today than even 6 months ago. Remote working is an accepted normal, cloud applications are front-and-center irrespective of the industry, and the browser is the defacto endpoint for many applications and users. But threats continue unabated, even though it’s nearly 50 years since the first malware was written in 1971. Safeguarding against the ever-changing threats requires rethinking our approach to end user security. It cannot be a traditional security vs. productivity battle, nor can it require a massive team that we don’t have. Security must be an enabler, has to be scalable, and needs to be simpler.

Track Session 3 - Risk and Assurance
Speaker: Ms. Aileen Uy

Title: “COVID-19 Considerations in Service Organization Control Reporting
With employees working remotely, many organizations are changing the extent of employee responsibilities for business processes which could ultimately change how controls have been designed or how it is performed. With the current situation, how do organizations maintain operational resiliency and keep segregation of duties.

Track Session 4 - Governance

Speaker: Ms. Anna Pabellon
Title: “Empowering Women in Tech in the age of Digital Transformation”


Track Session 1 - Security
Speaker: Mr. Allan Jay Dumanhug
Title: “Tapping Hackers for Continuous and Effective Cybersecurity”
Hacking incidents and discovery of security vulnerabilities are inevitable. In this talk, I’ll discuss the importance of having a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy to effectively improve the cybersecurity of your assets. I’ll also show you the demographic of good hackers who are collaborating with different organizations to make the internet a safer place. Additionally, I’ll also discuss how I was able to validate this kind of solution to protect some of the government websites and companies in our country.  

Track Session 2 - Risk and Assurance
Speaker: Mr. Raul Mangalindan
Title “How IT Audit Moves Forward in the Current Pandemic Conditions”
In the current working conditions, it is imperative that we revisit the IT audit plan in order for us to effectively be able to review and report on the state of internal controls. It is important to understand what audits can be conducted remotely, what portions of a traditional IT audit may need to be scheduled for later and how delivery and support is impacted by the current working conditions. This presentation will touch on how we, in our manufacturing company, reorganized our audit plan and how we actually planned to conduct the rest of the year’s IT audit activities. I hope that by sharing my information, I may help others in their attempt to keep IT Audit relevant during the current conditions.  

Track Session 3 - Governance
Speaker: Mr. Dennis Cunanan
Title: “ISO 27701: All About Privacy Information Management System Standard & How To Get Certified