As classes opens this October, some students and teachers are still facing challenges.

ISACA Manila is initiating two CSR Projects to help students and teachers in underserved communities.

1. GADGET DONATION DRIVE - a donation drive to help both students and teachers. Old and unused smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers that still function properly and have basic software programs can be donated.

2. FUND RAISING - Full net proceeds will be used to purchase bond papers and printers for the learning modules since majority of the students are into modular ways of learning, due to limitations with gadgets and network connection.
One kit is equivalent to two reams of bond paper. And one ream can benefit up to 2 students per module (set).

Our beneficiaries are the Alabat Island National High School and Bago City Senior High School.

Should you wish you to order, please click this link https://www.teetalk.ph/.../isaca-manila-chapter-covid-19.../

For inquiries, you may call the Secretariat at 0926-004-5004