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Starts:  Aug 16, 2023 06:00 (SG)
Ends:  Aug 18, 2023 10:00 (SG)
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Cybersecurity threats continue to grow in volume and sophistication. While organization are adopting the work from home culture and getting adapted to the new normal, the WFH has significantly increased the attack surface which attackers are taking advantage of to target organizations.

Recently, many organizations have been targeted for ransomware attacks and data breached, which have significantly impacted their businesses. In such circumstance's organizations need to adopt practices that allow them to rapidly identify, respond to, and mitigate these types of incidents while becoming more resilient and protecting against future incidents.

Whether you data has been compromised by a cyber-attack or your files encrypted by a cyber-crime like ransomware, it is important to know how the incident happened in your network, how to contain the incident, how to reduce the cost of the incident and at the same time hoe to quickly recover from the incident. Organizations also need to conduct post-incident analysis and forensic analysis to gather digital evidence which can be held in the court of law to bring the attackers to justice. 

Importance Of Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Protecting your data from falling in the wrong hands or being held for ransom, protecting your reputation, customer’s trust & loyalty, protecting your revenue and assisting law enforcement agencies are some critical reasons why organizations need to conduct forensic analysis and have a strong incident response plan today.

Incident response strategies and plans layout what defines a breach, the roles and responsibilities of the CSIRT(Cyber Security Incident Response) team, tools for managing a breach, steps that will need to be taken to address a security incident, how the incident will be investigated and communicated, and the notification requirements following a data breach.


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