Secured Cloud Computing Practitioner (SCCP)- Organized by Network Intelligence

Starts:  Sep 25, 2023 06:00 (SG)
Ends:  Sep 28, 2023 10:00 (SG)
Associated with  Manila Chapter

Many organizations are considering adopting cloud computing, the next major milestone in technology and business collaboration. Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software resources that are delivered as a service, typically over the Internet. It entrusts remote services with users’ data, software, and computation.
Cloud computing potentially enables organizations to increase their business model capabilities and their ability to scale up while avoiding significant investments in infrastructure, training, personnel, and software. One of the benefits of using cloud computing is the sheer accessibility of data. Employees from anywhere in the world can access your critical applications. However, the many benefits provided by cloud computing are also accompanied by the appearance of new risks.
With more businesses running vital business computing functions in the cloud today, cloud security is a must as attackers seek to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. When it comes to the importance of cloud security, there are no two ways about it. Maintainingsecurityhasbecomeallthemoreimportantwithsomanyrecentbreachesandtechnologicalattacks.

The cloud connects our lives in ways we can never imagine, making our lives easier and more convenient. The cloud is joining us to everything, everywhere, and anytime. And that the privacy … our security and that of family, colleagues, and customers rely on the skills of the professionals connecting us to the cloud.
At Network Intelligence, we believe in a world where the cloud moves us forward without sacrificing security or privacy; our Secured Cloud Computing Practitioner (SCCP) certification helps develop your expertise and the skills required to secure your critical assets.
The SCCP training will cover the entire cloud infrastructure and its latest standards which will help the cloud security professionals gain the required knowledge, skills, and abilities in cloud security design, architecture, operations, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. Earning the SCCP proves that you have the advanced technical skills and knowledge to manage and secure cloud applications and infrastructure.

• Gain expertise in cloud security architecture, design, applications, and operations with this     CCSP online training certification course.
• Building a framework for selecting the best cloud solution for your business.
• Guidance to professionals for setting security policies to protect the cloud apps and data from being compromised.
• Demonstrate competence in cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration.
• Goingbeyondthetraditionalchecklist-basedapproachforsecurity In line with these objectives, we are pleased to announce 16 hours of training spread across 4 days on “Secured Cloud Computing Security (SCCP).”


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