Student Groups Awards

ISACA Student Group Recognition Awards

Most Outstanding ISACA Student Group

ISACA Sri Lanka Award for the Most Outstanding ISACA Student Group

Qualification to Access Project Funding up to LKR 100,000

Most Innovative ISACA Student Group

ISACA Sri Lanka Award for Excellence in Innovation by an ISACA Student Group

Qualification to Access Project Funding up to LKR 50,000

Category Awards

  • Best Capacity Building Project
  • Best Community Project
  • Most Visible Chapter

Each Award is qualified to Access Project Funding up to LKR 25,000

Note: Upon receiving the award, the designated group becomes eligible to apply for funding as outlined above for the forthcoming year. It is important to note that ISG must fulfill specific funding criteria to qualify for support from the ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter. For detailed guidelines, please refer to the funding criteria document accessible at ISG Funding Criteria.

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Criteria for Evaluation

Most Outstanding ISACA Student Group

Following are the three categories to assess and determine eligibility for this award.

School Children & University Students Capacity Building (25 Points)

One of the criteria for achieving the Outstanding Chapter designation involves building cyber capacity among both school and university students nationwide. These sessions can be conducted either virtually or in person. The emphasis is on providing valuable knowledge and skills to students, contributing to their cybersecurity education.

Evaluation Method

  • Minimum of 3 sessions to be conducted within the calendar year
  • Group photo of the participants for each session
  • Letter of acknowledgment from the School/University conducted.

Official Social Media Platforms & Website Maintenance (25 Points)

The second criterion for selecting the outstanding chapter pertains to the efficient management of Official Social Media Platforms & Website Maintenance. It is essential that the yearly plan (at least in draft form) be available on the platforms within 30 days of the AGM. Upcoming events must be diligently updated at least 10 days before their scheduled dates, ensuring timely communication to our audience. Additionally, all records of past events should be updated within 7 days of their occurrence. A well-maintained online presence across these platforms is crucial for the chapter's overall performance and representation.

Evaluation Method

  • Draft Yearly Plan Update within 30 days of the AGM conducted – 5 points.
  • Event Update – 15 points (Maximum)
    • Total number of events
    • Within the defined time frame
    • Write-up of the event
    • Photos/Images/Videos
  • Most Engaged Social Media Platform – 5 points
    • Based on the most interactions in the form of likes, comments, and shares of the post.

Community Contribution (25 Points)

The third criterion considered for recognizing an outstanding chapter revolves around Community Day Contribution. Chapters are expected to actively plan and execute numerous events as part of the Community Day initiative. This may involve fostering collaboration between universities and inter-university partnerships, ultimately emphasizing the importance of giving back to society. The chapter's commitment to community engagement and impactful initiatives on Community Day plays a pivotal role in determining its excellence.

Evaluation Method

  • Organizing a minimum of 1 event - 10 Points.
  • Most Collaborative Event - 5 Points (Maximum).

Most Innovative ISACA Student Group

The Innovative Chapter stands out for its distinctive approach and solid commitment to making a difference in the ISACA Student Group. Embracing creativity and originality, this chapter must consistently strive to implement unique initiatives that leave a lasting impact. Through a selection of creative projects and events, the Innovative Chapter not only sets itself apart but also contributes meaningfully to the betterment of our community.