Welcome to Volunteering with ISACA

Thanks for opting in to become an ISACA Volunteer!

Complete your volunteer profile. The more information you supply, the easier it is to invite you to apply for future opportunities that align with your interests and qualifications and for staff facilitators to review your applications.  You set the privacy settings so you decide what information you want to share with colleagues and what you want to keep private.

Open Opportunities 

Check out the opportunities now forming! From working groups to microvolunteerism, the full list of volunteer roles is available through the Volunteer Opportunities List. Apply for the roles that interest you and fit into your busy schedule. ISACA staff facilitators will review the applications and make appointments based on the criteria outlined in the role description.

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Areas of Interest

As part of your volunteer profile, please identify the area(s) in which you are interested in volunteering. This will help ISACA identify opportunities that match your interests and qualifications and invite you to apply. Don't forget to opt into the volunteer pool on your volunteer profile!

• Publications & thought-leadership
Use your expertise to develop or review books, white papers, certification study materials and more.
• Education & training
Help develop and implement ISACA’s international conferences and renowned training programs.
• Advocacy
Promote ISACA and the IT auditing, governance, and security communities through efforts related to advocacy and public affairs, and help advance ISACA’s strategic initiatives.
• Certification
Serve on a Certification working group, review or edit exam items, evaluate requirements and approve draft exams.
• Professional standards and Partnerships
Support the development and maintenance of ISACA-developed standards and our participation in other organizations such as ISO.
• Membership
Get involved in programs that foster and grow our membership.