2020 CommunITy Day Team Lead

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Signup Deadline: 30 Sep, 2020
Starts: 03 Oct, 2020
Ends: 03 Oct, 2020


ISACA CommunITy Day is an annual day of service for members, their families and friends – individually or through their chapter – to change the world through local volunteer activities. In 2019, more than 2,800 participants spent more than 6,000 hours making the world a better place. Join us in 2020! We know that COVID-19 may force us to be creative with new ways to give back, and we are excited to see how our individual contributions make a collective difference!

CommunITy Day Team Leads are designated by their chapter president to coordinate local volunteer efforts with ISACA Global and facilitate a great experience for participants who want to help change the world. CommunITy Day is 3 October 2020.

Team Leads can reference the Admin Toolkit for instructions on using Helper Helper, ordering t-shirts, marketing the event and much more.

To learn more about CommunITy Day or to just sign up to participate in a local activity, please visit the CommunITy Day webpage

Anticipated outcomes:

The Team Lead is responsible for:

  • Acting as the point person for communications from ISACA Global and disseminating information to local participants as needed.
  • Elevating admin access for local admins to manage individual opportunities (if needed).
  • Coordinating t-shirt orders with those from your respective chapter who have access to the Marketing Storefront to ensure timely delivery.
  • Coordinate distribution of t-shirts to participants.
  • Ensuring that all participants validate their time after the event in order to be calculated in the global statistics.
  • Responding to participant’s needs. Inquiries that come to ISACA Global will be filtered to the appropriate Team Admin for response.
  • Ensuring that photos are shared on social media using #ISACACommunITyDay and submitted to ISACA Global afterwards.

Volunteer Criteria:

  • Appointment by chapter president to coordinate local CommunITy Day logistics with ISACA Global.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for volunteer service
  • Member of an ISACA Chapter
  • Have already created a (free) Helper Helper account. This is the tool ISACA uses for CommunITy Day sign ups and tracking global participation.

Volunteer benefits:

  • Up to 5 CPE credits (max. 20 annually) in the area of Working on ISACA Boards/Committees/Working Groups upon successful completion of the term. (Note: Time spent volunteering on 3 October during CommunITy Day does not count toward CPE credits.)


All volunteers must have an ISACA Participation Agreement on file.  To see if your agreement is active, visit your volunteer profile. Access all volunteer policies here.


Global Community
Local Engagement

Volunteers Needed:

250 (156 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary

CPE Credits:


Staff Facilitator:

Melissa Swartz
Sr. Manager, Volunteer Engagement

ISACA’s Philosophy on Volunteer Engagement

ISACA encourages the active participation of our dedicated professional community in relevant, compelling and innovative activities at both the regional and international levels. With appreciation for the talent, expertise and experience each person contributes, volunteers and staff work collaboratively to fulfill ISACA’s purpose and promise, while benefiting from incredible experiences and accomplishments that instill confidence in our professional and personal growth.