Weathering the Digital Storm: Attacks on 3rd Party Collaboration Sites and Data Governance Controls

When:  Nov 23, 2023 from 18:30 to 20:00 (UTC)
Associated with  London Chapter
Weathering the Digital Storm: Attacks on 3rd Party Collaboration Sites and Data Governance Controls
In today's interconnected business landscape, collaboration platforms have become essential tools for organizations to foster productivity and communication.
However, as these platforms become more integral to our businesses, they also become more attractive targets for cyber criminals.
We explore the most recent evolution of the threat landscape, which is aiming at exploiting the way people and business work together and share data.
We discuss the unique challenges associated with identifying previously unknown attack patterns and critical points of early intervention from a technological, governance and behavioural perspective.
Key-Take Ways:
1.Awareness of Current Threats: Understand the cybersecurity threats and attack vectors that organizations and individuals are facing.
2.Importance of Cyber Hygiene: Recognise the significance of core cybersecurity practices, such as hardening and user awareness.
3.Phishing and Social Engineering Awareness: Understand the evolution of social engineering tactics and their adoption into mainstream SaaS services.
4.Third-Party Vendor Assessment: Identify effective mechanisms for selection of best-of-breed suppliers.
5.Cybersecurity Culture: Encourage a supportive environment and reinforce positive behaviour through feedback.
Speaker:Boglarka Ronto, Global Head of Cyber Practice – Resillion
In her early career as a UNIX administrator, Boglarka realised how poorly understood cyber security was. This sparked a lifelong passion for the security industry, initially as a mentor and lecturer to IT and OT professionals, and later as a security tester and business leader.
As a female in cyber she is an advocate for the role of women and other minorities in cyber, especially supporting those with early interest striving to enter the industry.
Boglarka continues to advocate the Penetration Testing Discipline of CREST globally, and regularly presents to and liaises with cyber professionals and industry bodies globally.
She leads the Cyber Practice for Resillion through unprecedented growth with passion for cyber (as well as coffee, cats and Arch Linux!).