The Leadership Series- A Leader's Perspective Spotlight Four

When:  Jun 29, 2022 from 11:30 to 12:45 (ET)

"The Leadership Series” is an ISACA Metropolitan New York Chapter Original. The series follows the chapter’s recent focus on providing the membership additional coaching, leadership, and support guidance through their continuum. The Series will spotlight one “Leader’s Leader” once every other month. The spotlight leader provides their experience and insights on leadership principles and anecdotes that they have leveraged to help get them and their teams to where they are while maintaining congruency with LionsPride Leaderships framework. 

After their presentation, will come a short panel to address any questions the membership has for the speaker, President or LionsPride Leadership

The month after each spotlight, there will be a survey to the membership understanding what they appreciated, what they wanted to change, and understand any areas of focus that the next speaker could focus on. This information will be aggregated with LionsPride Leadership and help transform the message and focus by the next speaker. 

This Series is a one-year Pilot intended to guide the ISACA Metropolitan New York Chapter and Affiliates membership. The guidance is not legal or intended to influence the membership to change their career continuums. It is primarily focused to provide individual insights of the speakers to the membership in a mentorship capacity. Any decisions made by attendees are their decisions alone.


1) 15 minutes- "The Leadership Series" background - Farid Kader (President) & Chad Reyes (Co-Founder of LionsPride Leadership).

2) 40 minutes- John Picarello Leadership Presentation.

3) 20 minutes- Q/A Panel w/ Farid Kader & Chad Reyes & John Picarello

Fee:  This is a free event for Members, Non-Members, & Students.

CPE's Offered : 1 CPE