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Message from the Chapter President


It is an honor to be elected and serve you all in this new role of President of the ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter! You have voted the new Board of Directors in, and your New Vice Presidents (Wei Tschang [1st VP] and Tim Mortimer [2nd VP]) and I have been meeting each of them to understand their interests and what they have to offer to this chapter. Each Board Director we have met with brings a tremendous amount of experience, passion, leadership, and willingness to serve the chapter and continue serving ISACA’s “Most Outstanding Chapter.” This process is ongoing and has clearly demonstrated that you all have voted well.

That being said, getting a new board acclimated to their individual roles takes some time to do. In my past, I have helped establish two nonprofit organizations that I am part of to this day. I have learned that ensuring that Board Directors fulfill a purpose aligned with their wants, maintaining alignment to the membership’s needs, and nurturing them through the full support of the Officers, other Board Directors, and Volunteers is paramount to success. In alignment with this strategy, we have:
  • Managed to align most of our open committees with Board Director leadership;
  • Established a Strategic Planning Committee to drive the change we need over the next few years;
  • Prepared a reorganized Chapter Operations Strategy; and
  • Confirmed dates for our Board of Directors Strategy Meetings;

Karen Alexander (Prior Chapter President) and I have had a shared vision of a Chapter that not only provides the resources necessary to maintain a professional education continuum, certification opportunities, and opportunities to network but EMPOWER the individual member. The establishment of the Emerging Professionals Committee was a considerable investment in that direction, and Christina Cruz, Megan Soriano, and Sam Vohra did a tremendous job getting that new committee off the ground. I plan on continuing this vision of empowerment with this new Board of Directors. The Strategic Planning committee feels just as passionate about this vision. We will be working with the new Board of Directors to charter a new committee entitled “Leadership & Advisory.” This new committee will have two roles, one to empower the Board of Directors in Leadership that we believe will make them better leaders and visionaries serving you all, and second to have ongoing leadership and advisory events to provide direct perspectives and guidance to members looking to develop their own leadership skills further.

The Officers and I plan to meet with other Chapter leadership in the region to understand how we can continue collaborating and bringing more to our membership. We have a lot that we can leverage as we are still in a remote state of operations. For example, we have issued more CPEs via remote training opportunities in the last two years than any two years that can be recalled taking advantage of boundary less, remote geography we called the “Go to Remote” program. We believe that collaborating with our neighbors will provide more to you, our membership, and have the other chapters share in our successes as well.

Since being elected, many of you have asked when we will start to have an onsite presence. The answer is simple, we SERVE you and want YOU all to feel comfortable. We have one of the best proximity to unite the membership over a tri-state area than almost any U.S. chapter, and we plan to do just that when it makes sense from a health and comfort standpoint. The Membership Committee will work with the Corresponding Secretary to survey the chapter and understand the appetite for an onsite presence in the near term. Then, when we aggregate the results, keeping your health, safety, and comfort in mind, we will provide updates on a decision.

This is just a tiny glimpse of the fantastic things we have in store for you. The Officers and I plan on harnessing the power of all past leaders of this chapter alongside this amazing Board that you have elected to provide you more. We will arrange to do and service more with PURPOSE and identify inefficiencies that may offer more resources for newer, more impactful opportunities for change. We will not just do things because it was performed a certain way in the past.

We have learned a lot about how our committees communicate and membership desires working remotely over this past administration and will leverage this in this new administration. Most of the Board Directors we have met with feel this same way, and we are looking forward to helping them articulate their views via action. There is much more to do, and this Board is looking forward to that Challenge.

Many thanks to our past Board Directors and Presidents for getting us to this point. We were lucky enough to partake in an “off-site” exercise before the end of Karen’s term. Below are some images from that event. The Officers and I look forward to working with our existing volunteers, current board directors, and past leadership in serving you. More to come!


We Want You! If you are interested in volunteering, feel free to send an email to volunteer@isacany.org and let us know what committee you're interested in, who you are, and what you'd like to do.

Special thanks to Karen Alexander, Alex Abramov, Marguerite McCarthy, Alexander Josephite, Jim Ambrosini, and Nigel James for their continued help and support. You have witnessed the collective of these visionaries. I plan on having them provide their insights and guidance during this administration. Thank you!

Congrats to the new Board Directors. I look forward to serving the membership with you all! 2021-2023 Executive Board of Directors.

The Executive Board of Directors will serve for two years.

Farid Abdelkader - President                           Eugene Levin - Corresponding Secretary
Wei Tschang - 1st Vice President                   Teena Bacchus - Treasurer
Tim Mortimer - 2nd Vice President                 Emanuell James - Recording Secretary

Board Directors: These Directors will serve a one-year term.

Alex Brazy                                 Peter Tse
Christeen Russell                     Justin Honovich
Christina Cruz                           Joseph Tso
Michael Shanahan                   Ashley Mangar
Barry Dynkin                             Sam Vohra
Kwongmei To                            James Powers
Lance Flocco                            Alyssa Vumbaco


If you are interested in volunteering, see our volunteer webpage, and send an email to volunteer@isacany.org to let us
know the following:
1. What committee(s) you are interested in?
2. What is your time commitment?
3. Submit a photo
4. Short Bio (up to 250 words)

Farid Abdelkader
Feel free to reach out to me at president@isacany.org with questions.

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