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Pretty spooky how quickly this month has passed. We have entered fall, a symbol of change, and some of our recent organizational shifts reflect that. It was a very productive month.

We were able to:
 - Kick off our external Leadership continuum with LionsPrideLeadership and our very own, Jim Ambrosini.
 - Partook in ISACA Global’s “CommunITy Day” with the full support of the YellowBoots, Guyon Rescue, and the Staten Island Interfaith and Long-Term Recovery Organization.
 - Have preliminary discussions with key members of the IIA New York Leadership.
 - Meet chapter's officers in-person for the first time in almost 18 months; and
 - Formally appoint our first “Associate Director” of the chapter.

LionsPrideLeadership Collaboration
We have had several sessions with Jim Ambrosini, Chad Reyes of LionsPrideLeadership, and our Officers to discuss focal points to present to our Membership for our first Leadership spotlight.

Jim Ambrosini brings a plethora of leadership and consulting experience to the fold. He has trained new IT Audit,
Cybersecurity and Risk Professionals as an Adjunct Professor at New York University, as Director of Protiviti, Managing Director at Cohn Reznick, ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter as a Past President and many others. He brings a lot of industry, talent management, Risk, Cybersecurity and Audit experience to the fold. This is sure to be a very impactful presentation and dialogue.

As mentioned on our previous newsletter, YOU, our Membership, will determine where this continuum goes after our
first session with Jim and Chad. Your requests will drive this continuum, so come with questions. What to do, what not to do, how to communicate, how to move up in this remote environment, how to handle conflict, how to stay on track, etc. We are planning on officially kicking this off at the end of November.

CommunITy Day Collaborations
"WOW" is all I have to say of CommunITy Day. Over 15 members come out to help us perform muck outs, paint, and rebuild jobs across three homes impacted by Hurricane Ida on Staten Island. We also had some volunteers (nonmembers) install hot water heaters. Believe it or not, many affected homeowners did not have hot water for a month! Imagine that. I am grateful for these amazing hearts and for the little things we at times take for granted.


IIA New York Chapter
We have connected with key members of the IIA New York Leadership to kickstart collaborative opportunities alongside them and their membership. Although preliminary, we anticipate a long overdue reconnect of our two powerhouse organizations. We both have a lot to share and are in no way conflicted about what we both offer. We bring differing services and coverage. Our Board Directors are looking forward to the next steps.

Officer Meetup
Some of our officers took out first step towards our hybrid model by meeting in-person to discuss future strategy. It was a treat to see them all after 18 months of Zoom and Teams calls. Something about experiencing the same elements, being together, and experiencing new things together brought back pleasant memories. Making together brought back pleasant memories. Making meaningful memories together is what we will strive for Stay Safe & Awesome New York!

Associate Director
Our Chapter leadership unanimously voted Jay Rofsky to the role of Associate DIrector. This role is selected for volunteers that go above and beyond the call of duty in their roles. It is a trusted role that allows Chapter Officers and Committee chairs to allow collaborate on sensitive processes and events. Congratulations to Jay Rofksy. Special recognition to Jay for his Service Award by the SILTRO this past weekend as well. Jay is a great example of someone that gives back on and off the field. Kudos!

That is all for this month! I am looking forward to kicking off this upcoming month’s Leadership Spotlight alongside Jim Ambrosini and Chad Reyes. Look out for a Cvent link in the next week. This event will be agnostic to industry or solution. It is intended to guide all.

Wishing you all the best this month. Enjoy family, friends, and that delicious turkey.


If you are interested in volunteering, see our volunteer webpage, and fill the form to let us know the following:
1. What committee(s) you are interested in?
2. What is your time commitment?
3. Submit a photo
4. Short Bio (up to 250 words)

Farid Abdelkader
Feel free to reach out to me at president@isacany.org with questions.

Stay informed, follow CDC guidelines: CDC Website

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