Message from the Chapter President


The unofficial start to the summer is underway, we are starting to slowly introduce in person networking events, and we are nearly halfway through the year. How does it feel!?

For this month’s edition, I will focus on some quick updates as we have some very important dates and announcements to make:
  - Annual Gala - Our Annual Gala is on 6/16 and seating is limited. Please register ASAP! We will have some special guests in attendance from both near and far.
  - The Leadership Series - The fourth principle will be discussed on 6/29.
  - Board Director Nominations - Voting is underway! Make your vote count.

Annual Gala
The time has come! Our Annual Gala & Wasserman Award Dinner has been confirmed by the Gala Committee.
All new place, great new date, and time to celebrate this year’s Wasserman Award Winner, Jim Ambrosini, the accomplishments of our volunteers & board, and LIFE!
Where: City Winery 25 11th Ave, Manhattan, NY, 10011
Date: 6/16/22 @ 6PM
Registration: Link
Fundraising: Proceeds will support our chapters operations, Ukraine, and Natural and Manmade Disaster Relief efforts We will be monitoring all local and state requirements for COVID-19 and provide updates as we come across any.
IMPORTANT: Seating is limited, and this is a FIRST COME, FIRST SOLD seating arrangement. Register as soon as you can. Thank you!
We are looking forward to celebrating with you all!


Board Nominations

The current Board Directors have approved the Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates. Please look out for voting instructions. Voting is slated to begin on June 1st!
Special thanks to Nigel James (Chair), Jim Ambrosini, and Teena Bacchus for your tremendous support of this initiative. Make your vote count!

The Leadership Series
We have locked in John Picarello, Co-Founder and Chief Leadership Officer of Lion’s Pride Leadership, to speak on the fourth Leadership Principle entitled “Giftedness.”
Where: Zoom
Date: 6/29/22 @ 11:30AM
Registration: Link
Price: Free
Chad Reyes kicked off the third edition of the Leadership Series with the “Awareness” Leadership Principle. The event
was well attended.
For those who have missed this event, the video link will be on the ISACA Metropolitan New York Website and our YouTube page.

LeadershipImportant Notices
 - Women in Tech Spotlight: The Women-In-Tech Spotlight series is an honorary program that recognizes the leadership and professional accomplishments of women in the information technology, information security, and governance, risk, and compliance industry. Nominations are currently being accepted.
Submit your nomination using the link here.

 - Top Four Under 40: Nominate your emerging professional rising star here! Our four rising stars will (1) be featured on our website and social media, and (2) will be reimbursed for their study materials and exam fees for 1 certification (upon "pass" grade). The emerging professional must be a member of the New York Metropolitan Chapter to be eligible.

Great progress was completed in May by this esteemed board and volunteers. We are looking forward to seeing your faces at the Gala!

Stay Safe & Awesome New York,

Farid Abdelkader
Feel free to reach out to me at president@isacany.org with questions.

Stay informed, follow CDC guidelines: CDC Website

The Leadership Series

A Leader's Perspective: Spotlight Four
An ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter original.
April 21, 2022
Limited Seats!  FREE Registration to all!
Click Here to register for the event!

The Leadership Series

Spotlight 3 - Recorded Event
April 21, 2022