Message from the Chapter President


Can you believe summer is already over =( ? Looking towards the silver lining, we have entered another very productive month in the books!

We were able to:
   - Ink our contract with LionsPrideLeadership to design, implement, and present on everything LEADERSHIP;
    - Met with some leadership in Botswana, Africa Chapter to discuss partnering on Training and Development topics;
   - Established relationships with Guyon Rescue, The Staten Island Long Term Recovery Organization, and YellowBoots to partner on CommunITy Day;
   - Formally established our new committees (e.g., Leadership & Advisory, Training & Development, Shared Services) as part of our Charter Design Process; and
   - Established the “Associate Director” role of the chapter used to provide the Board with more volunteer support.

LionsPrideLeadership Collaboration
We have formally established an agreement with Chad Reyes and LionsPrideLeadership. They will support us with our internal Board Director and volunteer Leadership, as well as our Membership facing leadership continuum.

Imagine having the ability to ask an industry leader real questions on what makes them tick. Imagine having the ability to
understand if you are in the right place, have these leaders answer “real” questions you are afraid to ask as you just couldn’t “bump into them” by the water cooler. Imagine this taking the next step and leveraging surveys to help derive where the next leader focused their thoughts and efforts, perhaps something industry work-related, perhaps something more personal.

This continuum will effectively allow the membership to be able to drive the direction by which the next leader sets their point of focus on delivery.

As you can imagine, we are eager to get started. We have some powerful “Leader’s Leaders” in store for you on this continuum.

Botswana Collaboration
We have established many relationships since ISACA Global Leadership Summit (GLS). One of those relationships was the leadership of the Botswana chapter. There were very interested in our diverse Training & Development committee trainings. As part of our Ambassador Program, we were able to accommodate this relationship and provide chapterlevel discounts to their members and leadership. We believe that opening the door to knowledge and cross-sharing of development will open larger collaborative opportunities.

CommunITy Day Collaborations
You may or may not know, but I am a CoFounding Member of the Staten Island Interfaith and Long Term Recover Organization (SILTRO) & the Yellow Boots Long Term Recovery and Disaster Preparedness Group. I am proud to say, that while sitting on these boards, we have been able to make substantial, positive impacts on affected members of to:
  - Hurricane Sandy that impacted New York & New Jersey;
  - Hurricane Harvey that impacted Texas and Louisiana;
  - Hurricane Maria that impacted Puerto Rico;
  - Flooding in Colorado;
  - Earthquakes in Ecuador & Nepal;
  - Tornados in Oklahoma; and
  - The recent Hurricane Ida impacts in our region (see photos below from recent impacts these orgs have had).

The nonprofit organizations we have been able to establish long-term relationships with are now household namesTunnel-2-Towers Siller Foundation, Guyon Rescue, Yellowboots, Staten Island Long Term Recovery Organization, Project Hospitality, Salvation Army, World Cares Organization, Helping Hands, and many, many more.

We get to team up with them again and lend a hand during CommunITy Day 10/2!!! Please visit the page to register for the event on Staten Island. We will provide you with Personal Protective Equipment, training, and put you on a job that you feel comfortable with and has an impact. No better way to feed your soul! You can volunteer anytime you would like, some of our past and present board volunteered for disaster relief organizations; we just happen to be doing this during CommunITy Day.



Our committee chairs have been busy designing their committee charters and budgets to align with their perceived mission and vision for each committee in alignment with our organizational strategy in serving you all. Out of this process, several new committees have emerged, several committees have been consolidated, and some committees removed as we meet the needs of today and the future. I am grateful to say that my predecessors have managed the organization well, and we should not have any funding issues for the committees over this administration. We look forward to ratifying these charters in our next board meeting.

Associate Director
The newly designed Associate Director role has been discussed and approved in principle with the Board Directors. This role empowers an existing volunteer to co-chair a committee, have access to internal ISACA Chapter resources, and interface with the membership in an official capacity. We try to empower our volunteers every day. We are all volunteers!

That is all for this month! Looking forward to sharing our CommunITy Day experiences.

Stay Safe & Awesome New York!


If you are interested in volunteering, see our volunteer webpage, and send an email to volunteer@isacany.org to let us
know the following:
1. What committee(s) you are interested in?
2. What is your time commitment?
3. Submit a photo
4. Short Bio (up to 250 words)

Farid Abdelkader
Feel free to reach out to me at president@isacany.org with questions.

Stay informed, follow CDC guidelines: CDC Website