Message from the Chapter President

Leading Through Critical Change:  THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ERA

Dear Chapter Members,

Leading the chapter over the last two years has been an incredible and rewarding journey. Leading through critical change, “The COVID-19 Pandemic Era” was the tag line on the home page of our website since March 2020.  This was the beginning of critical change and the way in which we served our members during unprecedented times.  We strategically pivoted our operations to the “Pandemic Re-engagement – Go to Digital 2020 Program”.   We secured and fostered additional partnerships to expand our programming. 

We added additional themes to our suite of presentations, such as mental health resiliency and emotional intelligence.  We extended our invitations across the world.  We increased our Corporate Relations engagement.  We partnered with ISACA Global and NYU to offer a fantastic master’s program in cyber security, a much-needed discipline in today’s market. We replicated this model and did the same with Yeshiva University and CUNY Central.  We stood up our first She Leads Tech presentation in Nov. 2019 and have expanded to now include our first She Leads Tech Mentorship Program.

We started and expanded on our Emerging Professionals programs and interaction.  We increased our ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter Student Group footprint across multiple universities.  We offered Cyber Competitions, Scholarships, Cyber Courses via CI4U.  We continued offering a number of certification classes without pause.  We developed and rolled out our first Sponsorship program, and so much more.  While the pandemic was a blow to the country, and New York was the Epicenter, ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter quickly huddled to strategized to remain resilient and keeping our programs moving.

Finally, we won the “2021 ISACA Outstanding Chapter Achievement Award”.  Whew, yes, we did it, but not without you.  I would like to thank our officers, board members, committee chairs, volunteers, chapter members, past presidents, partners, speakers, sponsors, students and guests for your support, dedication, and commitment to the chapter.

So now I pass the torch to our newly elected president, Farid Abdelkader, who will continue to lead the chapter over the next two years.  Thank you for the support.  It has truly been a pleasure serving as your president from 2019 – 2021.    



Our Election results are now available for the ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter, and it is my pleasure to announce and congratulate our Incoming Board of Directors, effective July 1, 2021:  These Directors will serve a one-year term:

Alex Bazay

Christeen Russell

Christina Cruz

Michael Shanahan

Barry Dynkin

Kwongmei To

Lance Flocco

Peter Tse

Justin Honovich

Joseph Tso

Ashley Mangar

Sam Vohra

James Powers

Alyssa Vumbaco

It is my pleasure to announce and congratulate our 2021-2023 Executive Board of Directors, effective July 1, 2021:
The Executive Board of Directors will serve for two years:

 Farid Abdelkader


Wei Tschang

1st Vice President

Tim Mortimer

2nd Vice President

Eugene Levin

Corresponding Secretary

Teena Bacchus


Emanuell James

Recording Secretary


Many thanks to the outgoing officers for your service on the board.  We could not achieve as much as we did without your dedication, professionalism, and commitment.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Alexander Josephite, Chair of the Nominating Committee and committee members, Manisha Agarwal-Shah, and Amarpreet Nanda for your dedication and focus on the election process.  Our appreciation and special thanks to Nigel James, Chair of the Wasserman Committee, and committee members, Emil D’Angelo, Theresa “Terry” Grafenstine, and Felix Ramirez for your dedication and focus on the selection of the 2021 Wasserman Award winner and finally, many thanks to Marguerite McCarthy, Chair of the Audit Committee for her year-end assessment of the Chapter’s financial accounting.

Our Annual General Meeting (aka, "2021 Annual Virtual Gala and Wasserman Award Presentation") will be held virtually.  This is the time we celebrate our Incoming Board, our Wasserman Award Winner and celebrate Chapter accomplishments.  You do not want to miss it!  CLICK HERE for more information.





Brian Barnier is a sailor, head of analytics at ValueBridge Advisors and co-founder of Think.Design.Cyber.   He is the pioneer of life-like scenario analysis and industrial-strength design thinking in cybersecurity and a leader in systems thinking and math in cyber. He served on ISACA bodies that created Risk IT and COBIT5, spokesperson for both and first to train ISACA NYM.  He currently serves on the ISACA Journal panel.  ITAF 2020 points to his work in risk assessment. He is one of the first three “Fellows” of OCEG.

He authored 200+ articles, recently Cybersecurity: The Endgame -- with Prachee Kale – the EDPACS 2020 Article of the Year. In 2015, he received the V. Lee Conyers Award from ISACA GWDC. At IBM, Nokia & AT&T he led teams to 9 patents – 6 heavily used during COVID. At AT&T he led a groundbreaking internal security initiative to enable new product sales. At IBM he launched the first secure distributed messaging software, created the security as a process solution team, GRC community of practice, and #1 FinTech blogger.

He is the author of The Operational Risk Handbook (Harriman House, Great Britain, 2011), a contributor to Risk Management in Finance (Wiley, 2009) and Risk and Performance Management: A Guide for Government Decision Makers (Wiley, 2014). At CUNY, he teaches a graduate seminar in data analytics viewed as #1 by several associations and guest lectures in cybersecurity.


If you are interested in volunteering, see our volunteer webpage, and send an email to volunteer@isacany.org to let us know the following: 

  1. What committee(s) you are interested in?
  2. What is your time commitment?
  3. Submit a photo
  4. Short Bio (up to 250 words)

    Feel free to reach out to me at president@isacany.org with questions.

    Stay informed, stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing: CDC Website

    Warm regards,

    Karen V. Alexander

    President, ISACA® New York Metropolitan Chapter


    “While we may be individually strong, we are collectively powerful” Rakhi Voria