Message from the Chapter President

Dear Chapter,

In conversation with members, and looking to serving their needs, I wanted to highlight a great membership benefit that we can take advantage of (as well as our amazing training and events!).  ISACA has a mentorship program that can serve any career level, from new professionals, new to the profession, and those members seasoned in our field.

The ISACA Mentorship Program facilitates one-to-one mentorship connections and brings together ISACA members who want to give or receive professional development support. Career mentoring helps both participants expand networks, gain new knowledge and insights, and build new skills.

This mentoring is a two-way opportunity for a mentor and a mentee to each gain perspective from a person who is at a different point in their career. Mentees are empowered to define a professional goal and connect with a suitable mentor to support their journey. Mentors can build skills in management style, emotional intelligence and other interpersonal skills, or the discovery of new approaches with colleagues.

To learn more about this opportunity and to get a mentor or mentee, please check out mentorship.isaca.org.

Call to Action

As a reminder to my earlier communications, the annual Chapter Board Director election will commence the week of May 20th.

Please be on the lookout for emails from eBallot, the online voting solution from our partner Votenet. You will receive two separate emails; one with the voting instructions and login identifier and then a separate email with a randomly generated password. As well as voting for Directors, our members will be voting on bylaw updates.

Reach out to nominations@isacany.org  with any questions. As always, we need 5% member participation for a certified result. Please participate!

Upcoming Conferences and Events

We have some great opportunities to enhance skills and awareness of new compliance requirements, frameworks and emerging technology in our training events detailed below.  

  • AI Series Training (online), see our Events page.

o   11 May: AI Data Analytics

o   15 June: NIST AI Risk Management Framework

o   22 June: Auditing AI and Machine Learning

Tim Mortimer