Message from the Chapter President


Can you believe we are already in April? We are only a few months away from meeting our fiscal year-end. Almost one year into this “new” administration and we have quite a bit left to complete on the agenda.

What is also exciting are some updates we have for you all. This month, we have completed a few milestones, and have some major initiatives underway. They include:
  - The Nomination committee, headed by Nigel James, is performing their hard work in interviewing our candidates.
  - The Gala Committee, headed by Christina Cruz, is hard underway in identifying our first major in-person event in over TWO YEARS. You can count on that being a hit.
  - The Leadership and Advisory committee, headed by the Officers, executed the third iteration of the Leadership Continuum. Chad Reyes denied all odds and had a tremendous showing following Jim Ambrosini, and Nigel James’ presentation. He held no secrets back as he unearthed his own past to show how he got to where he is.
  - The Wasserman Committee, headed by Alex Abramov, notified Jim Ambrosini of his selection for the prestigious accolade.
  - Powerful coffee break session with Protiviti on ESG bringing great regulatory insights impacting our industries.
  - Courageous discussion with the Dynkins regarding the Informational Dimensions of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Board Nominations
The Nominating Committee is busy interviewing and validating nominations of over 23 candidates for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. They have their work cut out for them. Special thanks to Nigel James (Chair), Jim Ambrosini, and Teena Bacchus for your tremendous support of this initiative. Elections will be announced in early May.

Annual Gala
The Gala Committee has been checking out a few venues for what would be our largest event in over two years! They are down to two venues and are negotiating pricing and logistics for this June event. Both events provide a great opportunity to connect with those you have not been able to connect with in person for quite some time. Capacity for over 300 people if needed, with multiple areas to step out and network.

For sponsors and group pricing, please contact Alex Bazay (alex.bazay@isacany.org) or Joseph Tso (joseph.tso@isacany.org). Important note: we are expecting a big showing, so seating will be limited and set to first come, first served. Register as soon as the CVENT invite goes out in early May.

The Leadership Series
Chad Reyes kicked off the third edition of the Leadership Series with the “Awareness” Leadership Principle. The event was well attended, with a plethora of personal experiences shared by the speaker, and great insightful questions from the attendees. Chad went deep and provided his personal events that lead to him building the awareness principle focused on in this session.

For those who have missed this event, the video link will be on the ISACA Metropolitan New York Website Leadership and our YouTube page.


To see past leadership videos -> Leadership
. The first leadership principle discussed by Jim Ambrosini and the second leadership principle led by Nigel James are currently on the website.

We want to hear from you on this initiative. If you have anyone you believe would be a great speaker, whether for the Leadership series, or one of our coffee breaks, please email Hemavathy Loganathan
(hemavathy.loganathan@isacany.org) with some of those insights. We are interested in hearing from you all.

For a recap on the Overall Leadership Series please visit Leadership.

Alex Abramov, former ISACA Metropolitan New York Chapter President, and Wasserman Committee Chair, has formally notified Jim Ambrosini of his selection as this year’s award winner. A dinner is being planned to formally connect with him on the next steps there.

Special thanks to Alex Abramov, Jeff Brown, and Ken Fishkin for leading the nomination for this year’s winner.

Powerful coffee break session with Protiviti on ESG

Special thanks to Protiviti, the Membership and SheLeadsTech Committee for hosting this Coffee Break with Melanie & Anne. The event was attended. Melanie and Anne provided insights on their experience servicing their clients forced to contend with all things regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). The call focused on regulatory components of organizations and investments across the industry

Academic Relations Fireside Chat


Our Academic Committee Chair, Ashley Manger, and Wasserman Award winner, Jim Ambrosini, conducted a very insightful coffee break to discuss everything from the post-1990 recession, Dot Com bubble, and Financial Crisis to the Global Impact and broader impacts.

There were a lot of insightful questions asked by the 100+ attendees relating to the job market, when to leave or stay, what questions to ask management, how to better manage ourselves, the “green grass” on both sides of the fence and much more!

For those who have missed this amazing one, we will have this on our website in the next week!

Powerful coffee break briefing on the cyber and informational dimensions of the Russo-Ukrainian war

Special thanks to Barry & Benjamin Dykin on sharing a courageous discussion around the Russo-Ukrainian war. Thanks to Ashley Manger for leading this. The presentation provided a very insightful global and historic perspective and use of technologies (e.g., DDOS, malware, social media, deep fakes), and non-state actors to gain traction on the warring front.

These are not our typical presentations, but there were clearly questions out there that you all had and were courageous enough to ask. Kudos to you all.

Immediate Upcoming Dates and Events
Spring 2022 Privacy, Regulation & Security with Chris Moschovitis Extended seminar (Live online webinar)
Date: May 12th 9 AM-1 PM
Location: Zoom
Coverage: This overview will walk through the essential key steps in establishing a pragmatic privacy and cybersecurity program alignment for a business, starting with ways to identify goals, communicate with the executive teams, align and partner with IT, privacy asset valuation, threat and vulnerability assessments, environmental considerations (cloud, IoT, distributed workforce), control selection, incident response, people and cybersecurity, and program management.

Spring 2022 Auditing Information Security Plans and Programs (Live Global Webinar)
Date: May 21st, 9 AM - 5 PM EST
Location: Zoom
Coverage: This one-day course teaches students how to audit information security plans and programs. Information security auditors are in great demand because it is a much sought-after skill.

Women in Tech Spotlight

The Women In Tech Spotlight series is an honorary program that recognizes the leadership and professional accomplishments of women in the information technology, information security, and governance, risk and compliance industry. Nominations are currently being accepted. Submit your nomination using the link here.

Top Four Under 40
Nominate your emerging professional rising star here! Our four rising stars will (1) be featured on our website and social media, (2) will be reimbursed for their study materials and exam fees for 1 certification (upon "pass" grade). The emerging professional must be a member of the New York Metropolitan Chapter to be eligible.

Great progress was completed in April by this esteemed board and volunteers. We are looking forward to seeing your faces at the in-person events we will be planning.

Reminder to make sure you sign up and lock the date in before it sells out. The invitations will be going out in early May!
Stay Safe & Awesome New York,

Farid Abdelkader
Feel free to reach out to me at president@isacany.org with questions.

Stay informed, follow CDC guidelines: CDC Website