Speaker Spotlight 1- Jim Ambrosini

Speaker Spotlight 2- Nigel James
February 22, 2022

Speaker Spotlight 3- Chad Reyes
April 21, 2022

Speaker Spotlight 4- John Picarello
June 29, 2022

Speaker Spotlight 5 - Farid Abdelkader
November 2, 2022

Speaker Spotlight 6 - Ken Drinkard
January 31, 2023

Speaker Spotlight 7 - Barbi Goldstein 
March 28, 2023

Leadership Recap: Coffee Break Edition
March 22, 2023


Leadership Series

A Recap on the Overall Leadership Series

 The Investment

“The Leadership Series” is something that has been a considerable investment from the ISACA Metropolitan New York Leadership Team. Professional affiliations, financial investment, and Chapter and Cross Industry partnerships have been leveraged to bring this program to you all. I wanted to take my newsletter airtime to spotlight this amazing series. The series’ success is contingent on all of us promoting it to not only our membership but anyone we believe could benefit from the advice, perspectives, and leadership topics being spotlighted by our spotlighted leaders. For this reason, we have opened registration to all, despite chapter affiliation. We have also made the first few series free of charge to expose this program to those that could feel true value coming from it.

 What is “The Leadership Series”

“The Leadership Series” is an ISACA Metropolitan New York Chapter Original. The series follows the chapter’s recent focus on providing the membership additional coaching, leadership, and support guidance through their career continuum. The series will spotlight one “Leader’s Leader” every other month. The spotlight leader provides their experience and insights on leadership principles and anecdotes that they have leveraged to help get them and their teams to where they are while maintaining congruencies with Lions Pride Leadership’s framework.

 We Answer your Questions (A Recap)

After each leader’s presentation will come a short panel to address any questions the membership has for the speaker, Chapter President or Lions Pride Lead, live.

 You Drive the Trajectory of the Program (A Recap)

The month after each spotlight will be a survey to the membership understanding what they appreciated, what they desired to see change, and understand any areas of focus that the next speaker could focus on. This information will be aggregated with Lions Pride Leadership and help transform the message and focus by the next speaker.

 This Series is a Pilot

This series is a one-year Pilot intended to guide the ISACA Metropolitan New York Chapter and Affiliates’ membership. The success of the program will inform the continuance of the program.

 Industry and Solution Agnostic

This series is intended to be industry and solution agnostic. This means the leadership principles apply to all!

Note: The guidance is not legal or intended to influence the membership to change their career continuums. Each part of the series is primarily focused on providing personal insights of the speakers to the membership in a mentorship capacity. Any decisions made by attendees are their decisions alone.

What Is Next?
All attendees will receive a detailed questionnaire on the makeup and flow of the past event. These questions will allow our leadership to work with our Lions Pride Leadership couches and our next speaker to change the delivery of the next presentation.
As discussed previously, this continuum is adaptive- the delivery, focus areas, look and feel is highly dependent on the feedback we receive from you all. If we want more freestyle from the presenter and fewer slides, if we want more time for a Q&A panel, a larger panel, more training, and fewer perspectives, etc., it can be done as you all help set the tone on delivery. You are all in the driver’s seat. The principles are proven, the delivery can be customized to how you all collectively see fit.

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