Cyber Intelligence 4U - Enterprise Cybersecurity in Digital Business - Midweek Classes

Starts:  Jun 8, 2021 17:30 (ET)
Ends:  Jul 29, 2021 21:00 (ET)
This event registration day will be closed on June 4th  at 11:59pm.

Note:  Due to COVID-19 This event will be online only
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Members: $1250 if registered by 28th May; Otherwise $1450
Non-Members: $1500

Dates and Times: All times are New York time (Eastern Standard Time). Please click here to check time and date in your location. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays from : 8th June 2021 to 29th July 2021
All classes run from   5:30  pm to 9:00 pm
Benefits of this class:
The best cyber, privacy, compliance and risk managers have a good foundational cyber understanding and need to have a well-rounded solid skill set of core business acumen in terms of analytical skills, and critical thinking focused on cyber risks. This program creates thought leaders and critical thinkers who can bridge these gaps. Upon “successful completion” of the course students will receive 80 CPE’s.

Cyber is a business issue. This program is holistic and starts with the basics, covering terminology, breach case studies, cyber program roles, processes, and tools. It moves deeper into the integrated cyber risk perspective while exploring the newest regulations, security assessment frameworks, forensics, auditing techniques, cyber risk management and cyber strategy using hands-on learning to inventory digital assets, perform privacy assessments, quantify exposures and risk model.
The Program is a rigorous curriculum led by prominent cybersecurity experts, many of whom advise governments, agencies, and industry bodies around the world. The program brings together executives, experts, innovators, and regulators to address cybersecurity from a digital point of view and leaves the student empowered to understand cyberseucity from their particular role.
This program is ideal for the following roles and departments: CISO, CRO, DPO, Board of Directors, Compliance, Audit, Security Manager, Security Team, IT Team, Vendor Team
Students will be empowered by:
· Obtaining the ability to understand cybersecurity holistically from a business perspective across regulation, compliance, security standards and risk.
· Students will be able to strategize how to lower cyber risk and work with stakeholders to increase cyber resilience.
· Utilizing hands-on learning to understand and model cyber exposures and scores that determine crown jewel exposures, identify hidden exposures, determine cyber insurance needs, and identify gaps in the programs across security, compliance, and privacy.
· Gaining real experience. The program has hands-on learning with the VRisk® product that allows students to use live or dummy data to risk model, quantify exposures, perform a privacy impact assessment and deliver board reports with KPIs and metrics that empower the board.
A certificate from Cyber Intelligence 4U, as validation of newfound cybersecurity knowledge and skills, as well as access to a global network of likeminded cybersecurity profession and 80 CPE credits.
Instructor: Ariel Evans, Program Chairperson

Who should attend:
This program is ideal for the following roles and departments: Risk Professionals, Auditors, IT Professionals, CISO, CRO, Privacy, Compliance, Security Manager, Security Team, Vendor Team

CPE Credits: 80     Capacity:  webinar - 15 people.