Trading our privacy for the greater good

When:  Jun 18, 2020 from 15:00 to 16:00 (UTC)
Associated with  Ireland Chapter
Do we have a social responsibility to trade our privacy for the greater good, or does privacy reign supreme?

As consumers and citizens, we increasingly expect organisations to not only comply with privacy legislation but to exceed it. In essence, as consumers and citizens, we expect that organisations will aim for the spirit of the law and not just the letter of the law and to adopt privacy as a corporate social responsibility. Can we ask of organisations what we do not ask of ourselves? Do we have a social responsibility to trade our privacy in certain circumstances such as during a pandemic?
This session does not seek to provide the answers to these questions, but to explore the concepts of privacy as a corporate social responsibility from both the organisation's perspective and from the individual's.

Valerie Lyons is an expert on privacy and cyberrisk management. She is currently the Chief Operations Officer of BH Consulting - an Irish consultancy firm offering cyber and privacy services. Valerie is also researching privacy in the non-market environment for her PhD. Her research focuses on privacy as a corporate social responsibility and as a corporate political activity. She brings her practical knowledge of the challenges organisations face with regard to privacy, together with her academic understanding of the norms of privacy and the relationships between privacy and other constructs.
This webinar is not about privacy during a pandemic - but more focused on the bigger question about the absolute right to privacy and the circumstances under which it might be compromised.

This webinar will qualify for 1 CPE.  Note that we are increasing our Zoom licence to accommodate the number of registered users. 

Speaker Bio
Valerie Lyons
Chief Operations Officer @BH Consulting
I have completed a BSc in Information Systems, an MBs in Management and am pursuing a PhD in Information Privacy. Currently Chief Operations Officer in a fast paced organisation working with diverse teams and projects across multiple industries and clients. My current role stems from 15 yrs as an accomplished Information Security Risk Manager at senior level in the Financial Services sector. I also hold a post grad in Executive Coaching, and use several coaching tools to build resilient and high performing teams in our own organisation and with our clients. My goal is to build effective solutions to address privacy - beyond regulation - by building trust and digital ethics into privacy and governance frameworks. Areas of expertise: Compliance, Privacy, Corporate and ICT Governance, Auditing, Business Process Controls, Risk Assessment, Information Risks for Financial institutions, Information related Financial Regulations in Ireland, Leadership, Executive Coaching, Executive Education.

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