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Proposed legislation regulation in the European Union is developing a harmonized rule set for the use of artificial intelligence and is creating new demand for professionals in the field. Become an ISACA member today and receive ISACA’s AI Fundamentals Online Review Course (a US $220 value) free of charge. This exclusive offer for new members in Europe (as a whole) is valid through 30 June 2022. Use promo code MEMEURAICOURSE at checkout.

ISACA Sponsors ENISA’s International Cybersecurity Challenge
ISACA is a proud sponsor of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity’s (ENISA) International CyberSecurity Challenge (ICC) taking place in Greece next month. The aim of the challenge is to attract young talent and raise awareness globally on the education and skills needed in cybersecurity. An ISACA delegation of executives will attend the 17 June award ceremony to congratulate the winners and hand them their awards. View information, including how to participate.

European Court of Auditors Released Report Referencing ISACA Best Practices
A report from the European Court of Auditors on the Cybersecurity of EU institutions, bodies, and agencies concludes that the level of preparedness overall is not commensurate with the threats.

The report highlights ISACA several times, demonstrating ISACA’s successful efforts toward building a recognized cybersecurity brand in Europe, including:
  • ISACA’s recommendations on elements that should be included in an IT security governance framework (par. 21).
  • ISACA’s guidelines for having a CISO (par. 25).
  • ISACA’s position that “internal audit is one of the three essential lines of defense in an organization, the other two being management and risk management.” (par. 39).
View the report: “Special report 05/2022: Cybersecurity of EU institutions, bodies and agencies : Level of preparedness overall not commensurate with the threats.”

ISACA Ireland Update

We are working on our events and webinars for the year.  Keep an eye out for our new Learning Events page that will provide details of training we will be providing through the year. <Training>

ISACA Ireland Past Events
We have now setup a page that will display a list of all our past events since 2019. Handy for when submitting your CPEs!
ISACA Ireland Past Events

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