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Conference 2019

ISACA Ireland Conference 2019
The Fundamentals are Fundamental
The 2019 ISACA Ireland Annual Conference took place on 15th November in the Croke Park Convention Centre.  

Speaker Talk
Amanda Fennell - Keynote Speaker
With your shield or on it: Humans are our greatest security asset.
Bruno Soares - Keynote Speaker
End Keynote
Valerie Lyons
Digital Ethics : A BluePrint For The Future
Conor Hogan
Privacy - Getting the Fundamentals Right
Ross Spelman
Financial Services Cloud Strategy - Security is Fundamental for Success
Rosemary Armato
Financial Services – how changing regulatory requirements are impacting your data
Tony Clarke & Mick Ryan
How security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) adoption is a necessity for security teams
Claudio Cilli
How to define and build Threat Intelligence Capability
Ian Trinder
Building trust through third party security.
Tony Lyons
Putting the Security in DevOps - DevSecOps
Andrea Simmons
You can’t be just a little bit pregnant secure
Wendy Goucher
Fundamentally, what is an Information, or Cyber Security Professional?
Joe Mayo
Effective Threat Modeling With CAPS and OARS
Phil Hogan
Using Adversary Emulation to Assess an Organisations Cyber Defence Readiness
Chris Wright
Cyber GRC Is IT Security / Audit a Wimp or Warrior?
Knut Erik Hauslo
Without a good change routine, and with poor or no inventory, chances are you will either suffer a breach, or best case, just a disruption of services.
Rahim Jina
Vulnerability Landscape 2019 – Back to Basics
Herman Errico
Insights and experience from building a global Computer Security Emergency Response Team (CSIRT)
Pauline Thompson & Sandra Lee
Empowering Yourself through Branding & Exposure 
Everett Breakey - SIG Group
The Role of the Risk Practitioner

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