Conference 2020

Call for Speakers

ISACA Ireland Virtual Conference 2020
19th November 9:30 am - 3:30pm 


David Lynas - Opening Keynote - 9:30am

CEO, David Lynas Consulting & The SABSA Institute C.I.C

With 30 years’ experience in information security, David has been at the forefront of the Enterprise Security Architecture field since its inception in 1995. Co-author of the SABSA Methodology, David is a driving force the development of SABSA and the expansion of its global education & certification programme.

David also serves as Chief Education Officer at The SABSA Institute and is Chairman of the COSAC Security Conference.

Adapting to “New Normals” – How to Architect for Ever-moving Goalposts

In this session David will demonstrate SABSA Architecture techniques to prioritise a security roadmap to transform and adapt to ever-changing complexity, ensuring that security solutions are always traceable to business requirements, whatever they are, whatever they become, no matter how quickly they change.


Helvi Salminen - 10:30am

Helvi Salminen has worked in information security since June 1990. Before her security career she has 12 years of experience in systems development. Helvi is founder member of Finnish Information Security Association, and past president of ISACA Finland chapter. She is qualified CISA & SABSA and was awarded as CISO of the year in Finland 2014.


Cognitive Biases and Audit Reliability

Simple errors in thinking can at worst lead to disastrous results. Biases are pitfalls where many good intentions fall to their bitter end. They can lead to inaccurate or totally erroneous conception of the reality, and undermine decision making. Helvi will discuss the phenomenon of cognitive biases highlighted with some real-life scenarios presented in the research, adapted to auditing activities.


Daragh O Brien - 11:30am

Managing Director, Castlebridge

Daragh is an award-winning consultant, trainer, and author in the field of information management. For over twenty years he’s worked on the unsexy topics of Data Quality, Data Governance, and Data Protection with a number of organisations. He has contributed to the development of a variety of standards and frameworks for information management (including the IT-CMF from the IVI and the DAMA DMBOK 2nd edition), and has worked on the development of professional certifications in Information Quality, Data Management, and Data Protection.

Securing the Foundations of Trust in Data
To secure the foundations of trust in data, information management professionals will need to help business leaders think more strategically across a range of interconnected data disciplines. And we will need to do that in the face of emerging threats, competing needs, and the inevitable “Lure of the Shiny”.



Lunch Break
12:30 - 1:30pm

ISACA Ireland Risk Management Special Interest Group (SIG) - 1:30pm


John Brady
Daragh Levins
Everett Breakey

The Chapters Risk Management – Special Interest Group (SIG) has been serving the Chapters interest in all things Risk Related and are keen advocates of the ISACA CRISC certification. 

The conference theme this year is ‘Protecting the Future’ but from what? The Group will attempt to predict future threats (and opportunities) in terms of the People, Processes, and Technology Trinity over the time period one to ten years, stopping along the way for a breather at three and five years. The future may be a little grey at present but our ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ could bring a little clarity or if nothing else, give a little food for thought. No nine and half weeks pun intended. 



Todd Fitzgerald - Closing Keynote - 2:30pm

Todd is a former CISO of the Year (Chicago), noted author is a top-rated RSA and ISACA Conference speaker and is frequently called upon to present at international, national and local conferences. In addition to holding several senior leadership roles he has participated in the development of materials for a number of certifications including CISSP, CoBIT 5 and CSX

The Holistic Cybersecurity Program – 7 Critical Factors to Success