The chapter formation committee was form in 2017 to explore creating a local Madison chapter. The team consisted  of 9 members from multiple organizations and with varied backgrounds. Meetings were held and research was done to try and answer these questions:

  • What is the process to creating a chapter in ISACA?
  • Is there a compelling need for a local chapter?
  • What benefit does it bring to our members and the community at large?
After answering these questions and working thru the process, the team was able to gain momentum and our new chapter was formed! This occurred on June 7, 2018!

 The Madison formation team members include: UW-Madison Cybersecurity: Siegfried Eckhardt, and Joe Johnson. UW-Madison WIDA Security and COmomplianceJohn Krogulski. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin: Jeff Thomas. VP for Blackhawk Community Credit Union: Richard Borden. MG&E: Mark Shikoski. Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau: Joshua Petersen and Harley Davidson: Anand Santhalingam.