Job Posting Policy

Rev 2018.0

Approved 05/07/2019


ISACA Madison Chapter may post jobs for hiring firms that are members in good standing of ISACA Madison Chapter.

The following provisions shall apply:


  1. Job postings are subject to the approval of the Board

Job Posting Form

  1. A Google Form is provided for collecting job posting data
  2. The poster shall complete the form before a posting goes up


  1. A given job postings shall remain up for no longer than 30 days
  2. The posting will be taken down (whichever is the shorter duration):
    1. when requested by the poster
    2. when decided by the board
    3. at the expiration of 30 days


  1. Job postings are put up as a courtesy at no charge to the poster

Quantities and other limitations

  1. The number of postings by any given poster shall be
    1. unlimited (see line 2)  in the case of chapter member-sponsors
    2. one in the case of chapter non-sponsoring members
  2. The number of concurrent job postings overall may be limited by the Board or by practical considerations of the chapter’s website

Other provisions

  1. Other provisions set by the Board