January 2022

Position: Hiring Multiple Insurance Financial Auditors

Position Type:

Hourly -$27.00-$31.44

Start Date: 
Currently actively posted – Deadline Date: 1/18/2022 at 11:59PM

Location: This position is located in Madison, Wisconsin and offers the possibility of a flexible schedule and telecommuting on multiple days.
Job Description: This position will become familiar with internal operating procedures and auditing process through in‑office insurance company analysis and assisting in financial field audits. In-office Analyst duties include the review of annual and quarterly financial statements and annual CPA audit reports, audit of premium tax returns, review of company transactions with affiliates, dividend payments, change of ownership of an insurance company and miscellaneous correspondence. These duties are performed extensively from February to May and periodically during the rest of the year. In-field Examiner duties include on-site audits and testing of company accounting records, external and internal audit reports, company systems and cycles, legal contracts, etc. to verify the accuracy of the financial statements and assess prospective financial solvency. These duties are performed extensively from May to January.

Skills  & Qualifications:

Minimally Qualified candidates will have ALL the following:

-Bachelors’ Degree or will graduate with a Bachelors’ Degree prior to starting employment, in accounting, finance, insurance, risk management, economics or business.

-Experience, training, or education in researching problems that require referencing relevant policy, procedure, law or similar.

-Experience, training, or education in analysis (e.g. reviewing applications or filings for accuracy and completeness)

Degree Preferred: Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Risk Management, Economics, Business

Required: N/A 
Desired: N/A

Travel:5% of travel required

Contact Information:

Job Reference: 
Job ID in Wisc Jobs: 4228
Name: Carolyn Kuzuhara


Company Information:

The Insurance Financial Examiner (IFE) positions are located in the Division of Financial Regulation and provide an excellent work-life balance; including the possibility for a hybrid remote working environment.  The Division of Financial Regulation monitors the financial condition of licensed insurers and performs in-depth on-site financial audits of over 230 insurers domiciled in Wisconsin.  The Division of Financial Regulations has 57 employees in total, including 45 Examiner positions.

The IFE positions provide a built-in career path as you gain expertise and knowledge. Once employed as an IFE, an employee is expected to learn and gain experience with OCI’s operating procedures regarding financial audits and analysis. When this knowledge and experience is gained, it is possible to progress to the IFE Journey level. The IFE Journey level is the point where an employee has gained knowledge of the appropriate statutes, accounting and rules, audit techniques, etc. and can act as the Examiner-in-Charge of a medium sized insurer.  It is expected that all IFE positions will progress to the Journey level.  Further promotional opportunities to IFE Senior are possible.  At the IFE Senior level, positions function as the Examiner-in-Charge of the largest and most complex insurers. Please click here for the IFE Career Path.

 The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance promotes and assists with training opportunities allowing individuals to achieve the Certified Financial Examiner credential through the Society of Financial Examiners.  We also provide on-the-job training and training to maintain various credentials that are relevant to being an IFE (e.g. Certified Public Accountant).

For information about the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, please click here learn more.

Special Instructions: 
Applicants must submit Resume and Letter of Qualifications in their job application