Speaker Policy

Rev 2019.1

Approved 05/07/2019


Speakers are brought in to help inform our members on relevant issues and concerns, as well as new technology, regulations, best practices, etc. in the security and compliance fields. As such, while many speakers are employed by organizations who are marketing various tools, our members are not generally looking for a marketing show.


A speaker will first identify a particular problem, regulation or situation that resonates with our members. The speaker can then describe several generic, non-brand methods of addressing the topic. After discussing generic solutions, the speaker is free to spend the last 10% of their presentation detailing how their particular tool best solves the issue in their opinion.


Each speaker will be vetted by the Chapter Board. Vetting will include the following:

  • Competence to speak on given topic
  • Length of time allotted to speak
  • Reputation of speaker
  • Reputation of speaker’s organization

In addition, before a speaker is finalized for a given event and notice posted to our membership, the speaker must present a copy of their presentation to the Board. The Board will ensure the presentation covers the topic in enough depth and that the number of slides devoted to the speaker’s brand are limited to a maximum of 10% of the total slides. Any questions or concerns will be returned to the speaker for clarification.

Any speaker who cancels more than twice in a year without acceptable reason, will be removed from consideration as a speaker for 1 year.  All speakers are asked to provide as much notice as possible if they are unable to attend their scheduled event.