Sponsorship Policy

Rev 2019.1

Approved 05/07/2019


ISACA Madison Chapter (“Chapter”) may solicit and accept sponsorships.

The Chapter shall create a sponsorship strategy based on this policy.


  1. Sponsorship is financial support received from a sponsor.
  2. A sponsor (“Sponsor”) is an individual or organization that pays some or all of the costs involved in staging an ISACA Madison event(s) in return for advertising or other gain.
  3. Sponsorship is unallocated funds, regardless of which Chapter programs or events the Sponsor is sponsoring.
    1. Sponsorship is money to cover the Chapter’s overhead or other obligations, and Sponsors are not authorized to specify how such funds, goods, or services are used.
    2. Insofar as as the Chapter delivers the benefits around that specific sponsorship investment.
  4. A payment qualifies as a sponsorship as long as the Sponsor does not receive any substantial benefits in return.
    1. The IRS sees a clear distinction between sponsor recognition and sponsor promotion.
    2. Per IRS rules, the Chapter may recognize sponsors by
      1. Mentioning or displaying the following:
        1. Sponsor company name, logo, product lines and contact information (address, phone number, web address)
      2. The Chapter may also mention the Sponsor’s slogans and value-neutral descriptions of their goods or services in acknowledging their support.
      3. The Chapter may display or distribute a Sponsor’s products to the general public at the sponsored activity or event.

Sponsorship Acceptability

  1. Sponsorship opportunities must meet the Chapter’s budgetary goals and also leave room to fulfill the Sponsor’s expectations as agreed.
    1. The chapter realizes sponsorships are not “free money” (or other benefits). Sponsors have commercial expectations that must be met or exceeded by the Chapter.
  2. The chapter may define sponsorships that would be
    1. Acceptable.
    2. Unacceptable.
    3. Determined to be acceptable or unacceptable on a case-by-case basis.
  3. A sponsorship proposal shall be
    1. Accompanied by a brief rationale.
    2. Include the Sponsor’s and the Chapter’s expectations and responsibilities.

Types of Sponsorship

  1. Monetary Sponsorship
    1. Cash, check, or other monetary instrument received by the Chapter and deposited to it’s bank account.
  2. In-kind Sponsorship
    1. Sponsorships may be in the form of refreshments provided at an event, meeting space provided at no charge or at a reduced rate, or other goods or services provided to the Chapter.
  3. Other Non-monetary Sponsorship
    1. Sponsorships may be in the form of free or discounted training for Chapter members, giveaways, discounts on services, or other intangibles.

Types of Sponsorship Recognition

  1. Signage, posters, or flyers at a predefined number of events or over a specified period of time.
  2. Access to the Chapter members via electronic or other communications
    1. This shall not include outright provision of the membership roster, mailing list, or email list.

Sponsorship Agreement

  1. A sponsorship shall consist of a written, signed, and dated agreement.
    1. The agreement shall include at a minimum the following: Organizational names and specific contacts of both sides, goods/services/values promised the Chapter, specific recognition elements promised the Sponsor in exchange, number of iterations or ranges of dates upon which the parties have agreed, a process for grievance, mechanisms for renewal or cancellation (bi- or unilaterally) of the sponsorship.

Sponsorship Program

  1. In accordance with this policy, a sponsorship program and/or other supporting documents may be produced to organize, communicate, or document sponsorships.