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  • Några få platser till Very Early Bird pris kvar

    Anmäl dig till ISACA dagen redan idag nedan och hjälp oss planera. Middag ingår i priset men anmälan krävs.

    • Pris Very Early Bird ISACA medlem: 800 kr plus moms.
    • Pris Early Bird Ej medlem: 2400 kr plus moms.

    Begränsat antal platser till Early Bird pris, först till kvarn. 

    På agendan:

    • Håkan Edvinsson, CTO, Partner, Informed Decisions (language: English)
    • Staffan Truvé, CTO / co-founder at Recorded Future (language: English)
    • Alex Miller, Manager at Mazars (Cyber Attack and Defence) (language: English)
    • Mark Thomas, President, Escoute Consulting (language: English)
    • Chris Dancy, The most connected man on earth (language: English)

    Vi tackar vår Guld-sponsor Mazars in Sweden som gör det möjligt!


  • We are excited to announce the launch of the ISACA Sweden Chapter Mentoring Program!

    The ISACA Sweden Chapter Mentoring Program is designed to support the professional development and growth of people that seek to become professionals within any of the security domains ISACA covers AND our members.

    As a highly experienced and accomplished professional in your field, we would like to invite you to participate as a mentor in this program.

    If you are interested in participating as a mentor in the ISACA Sweden Chapter Mentoring Program, please complete the linked application form.

    Phase 1: Gathering our mentors.

    Link to the Mentor registration: Microsoft Forms

    As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with new and current members of our community, helping them to achieve their career goals and advance their skills.

    The program is structured to provide a flexible and convenient mentoring experience, with mentors and mentees able to set their own schedules and goals.
    You will be matched with a mentee based on your areas of expertise and the mentee's professional interests, and you will work together over a period of several months to develop a personalized mentoring plan.

    As a mentor, you will be making a significant contribution to the growth and success of our community, while also gaining the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to shape the future of our profession.

    If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Mikael Takeo:, 0707508081
    Angelique Dawnbringer:, 0727043617  

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Mikael Takeo & Angelique Dawnbringer
    Mentorship Program Coordinators
    ISACA Sweden Chapter

  • Nyhetsbrev för maj 2023 finns ute nu

    Nyhetsbrev för maj finns ute nu Nyhetsbrev maj

  • Referensgruppsmöte - Publikation stöd för styrelse och ledningsgrupp avseende verksamhetens IT

    Den 5 maj kl 12:30 – 14:30 håller vi ett referensgruppsmöte avseende en publikation som ISACA och IIA håller på att arbeta fram gemensamt där vi fokuerar på styrelseledamöter i första hand men som även berör ledningsgrupp. Vi har nu arbetat fram ett utkast där vi behöver synpunkter och vi kommer att hålla ett referensgruppsmöte över Teams.

    Alla medlemmar i ISACA kan delta, men det är en fördel om du har kunskap och/eller erfarnhet när det handlar om styrning av verksamhetens IT och Informationssäkerhet. Är du intresserad av att bidra är du välkommen att höra av dig till John Wallhoff på för att tillgång till utkastet så att du kan förbereda dig inför referensgruppsmötet.

    Har du några frågor är du även välkommen att höra av dig till John Wallhoff på 0707743131.

    Anmälan: anmälan görs per mail till John Wallhoff till adress

  • Mounir Messaoud re-elected as President of ISACA Sweden Chapter

    Our President Mounir Messaoud has been re-elected to his second term as President of ISACA Sweden Chapter. 

    The ISACA Sweden Chapter Board also welcomes Mikael Takeo elected as the new Vice President following Ulf Homerin.

    The board for 2023-2024 for ISACA Sweden Chapter.

    President Mounir Messaoud
    Vice President Mikael Takeo
    Secretary Thomas Verner
    Treasurer Valdis Vilemsons
    Head of Program and Education Committee Petra Eyram
    Head of Research and Development Committee Per Gustavsson
    Head of Information and Marketing Committee  Josefine Olsson
    Head of Membership Committee Angelique Dawnbringer

       Mounir Messaoud, President ISACA Sweden Chapter

  • Mazars in Sweden joins as Supporting Sponsor

    We are happy to welcome Mazars in Sweden as our Supporting Sponsor to ISACA Sweden Chapter.

    Thank you and a warm welcome!

  • Enabling a sustainable ESG program using good governance practices

    We are very excited to announce that we will host a workshop with MARK THOMAS on 12 May on the topic:

    Enabling a sustainable ESG program using good governance practices

    The desire to become socially and environmentally sustainable is going through a major transformation. Enterprises are in an optimal position to support and invest in the environmental and social aspects of their communities and environments at large by leveraging their existing I&T governance framework.

    This workshop will cover the basics of ESG and how frameworks such as COBIT can assist in creating the basis for becoming a more ESG friendly enterprise. 

    Learning objectives:

    • Understand the history and key points of Environmental and Social Governance (ESG)
    • Identify governance and management objectives and practices needed to create an ESG system
    • Associate information and technology aspects to the successful adoption of ESG objectives and practices in your governance and assurance efforts