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  • Dataföreningens meet and learn-aktiviteter

    Dataföreningens meet and learn-aktiviteter "Prata säkerhet med oss!" och "Prata GDPR med oss!" har som mål att främja,

     Erfarenhetsutbyte, diskussioner och arbete mot gemensamma mål i form av ökad trygghet, privacy och säkerhet på Internet och i samhället i övrigt. Både för privatpersoner, företag och organisationer!

     Namnet "Prata GDPR/säkerhet med oss!" är valt för att signalera och uppmuntra till erfarenhetsutbyte och diskussion. Du måste inte, men är mycket välkommen och uppmuntras att delta i diskussionen om ”Dagens ämne”.

    • "Prata säkerhet med oss!" går av stapeln varje 1:a torsdagen i månaden kl 12:00 - 13:00
    • "Prata GDPR med oss!" går av stapeln varje 3:e torsdagen i månaden kl 18:00 - 19:00

    För närvarande i första hand online.

    Kostnadsfritt. Medlemskap i Dataföreningen krävs ej utan alla är välkomna.

    Mer info och länk till anmälan till

    Prata säkerhet med oss!:

    Prata GDPR med oss!:

  • Cobit session in Stockholm & Online on 6 September 2022

    Practical application of COBIT: designing a tailored governance and assurance system using COBIT

    NB: Stockholm City Centre, Hilton Slussen & Online.
    With the growing complexity of today’s information and technology environments, having a proper governance framework that is tailored to your unique environment is key. A tailored governance system requires a multitude of components such as processes, organizational structures, information flows, behaviors, etc.

    All of these need to work together in a systemic way in any governance system which will synchronize the IT, business and assurance functions.

    In this workshop we will explore the flexibility of the COBIT 2019 framework and help you develop a tailored governance system using the design factors with a real-world case study.


    1. Apply the key elements of the COBIT framework in real-world environments
    2. Use design factors to create a tailored governance system with an example case study
    3. Learn how to position COBIT as a “framework to manage frameworks”

    Date and Time:

     6 September 2022 - Hilton Slussen Stockholm or Online (zoom)

    10.00-16.00 CET (including lunch and coffee breaks onsite)


    •  SEK 2 000 + VAT for ALL ISACA Members (ticket price per person i.e. not allowed to share screen with others)
    • SEK 3 000 + VAT for non-members (ticket price per person i.e. not allowed to share screen with others)
    • Corporate Ticket Online per one big screen 15 000 + VAT (unlimited attendees per one big screen)

    Mark Thomas Bio:
    Mark is an internationally known Governance, Risk and Compliance expert specializing in information assurance, IT strategy and service management. With over 28 years of professional experience Mark has a wide array of industry experience including government, health care, finance and banking, manufacturing, and technology services.

    He has held roles spanning from CIO to IT consulting and is considered a thought leader in frameworks such as COBIT, NIST, ITIL and multiple ISO standards.

    Mark routinely speaks at US and international conferences and earned the ISACA John Kuyers award twice for Best Speaker/Conference contributor. Mark also holds the CGEIT, CRISC and CDPSE certifications.


  • Nu har anmälan öppnat för höstens ISACA-kurser

    • CISA

    10, 11 (halvdag), 17 och 24 oktober.


    • CISM

    7, 8 (halvdag), 14 och 21 november.


    Kursmaterialet är uppdaterat och mer omfattande än tidigare, och testet är nytt för båda kurserna. Båda kurserna pågår i 3,5 dagar vardera.


    Kurserna sänds digitalt via Zoom.

  • Glad midsommar!

    ISACA Sweden Spring Conference 2022 revisited and summarised by Meganland Megan Moritz

    Have a nice Midsummer!

  • Learn to Hack and Secure your Windows Infrastructure!

    In partnership with CQURE we are happy to announce part 1 in our series of Quaterly Cybersecurity Review.

    Sign up using early bird link

    Quarterly Cybersecurity Review: Part 1 

    New Quarterly Cybersecurity Review series consists of four insightful and deep-dive trainings that will help you stay on top of attackers in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. You will learn how to secure your infrastructure, prepare an informed Incident Response Plan, get to know how malware works and how to protect identity in your organization. 

    First part will cover infrastructure services security and is a must-go for enterprise administrators, security officers and architects. It is delivered by Paula Januszkiewicz, one of the best people in the security field and Microsoft MVP. Her in-depth, practical knowledge, many years of experience both as a pen tester and a trainer will keep you stimulated, intrigued and hungry for more! 

    On the first day of the course we will take a deep dive into Windows Internals and try to step into the hacker’s shoes - our goal is to show and teach you what kind of mechanisms are allowing to get inside the infrastructure and how to get into operating systems, including the infamous Pass-the-Something attacks on identity. On the second day we will look at the ways for securing and hardening Windows infrastructure. Again, using a hacker’s perspective, we will review modern attacks and discuss ways for prevention. 

    Join the training to always stay up to date and be ready to secure your infrastructure! 

    All exercises are based on Windows Server 2016 and 2019, Windows 10 and Kali Linux. This course is based on practical knowledge from tons of successful projects, many years of real-world experience and no mercy for misconfigurations or insecure solutions! 

  • Skrivit ett examensarbete?

    Det finns ett stipendie på 25 000 kronor.

    Om ditt examensarbete är inom IT-säkerhet, IT-styrning eller IT-revision - Ansök då om ISACA Sweden Chapter stipendium!

    ISACA Sweden Chapter delar årligen ut stipendier för examensarbete inom ISACA´s intresseområden: IS/IT-revision, IS/IT-styrning (även kallat IT Governance) eller IS/IT-säkerhet.

    I år delar vi ut maximalt tre stipendier där vart och ett är på 25 000 SEK.
  • Nyhetsbrev juni 2022 ute nu