ISACA Sweden Mentorship Program 

The ISACA Sweden Mentorship Program is a structured relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable mentor provides support, advice, and guidance to a less experienced or less knowledgeable mentee in order to help them learn and grow in their personal or professional life.  

The mentorship relationship can be formal or informal and may last for a short or extended period of time, with a commitment from the mentors to a minimum of 6 months and is depending on the needs and goals of the mentee and the availability of the mentor.  

Both mentors and mentees can benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experiences that takes place during the mentorship program.

The programs specific goal and objective is to support in an ethical and professional way the new members of the larger community, as we understand that our community extends beyond our members, this program have no boundaries to only exist inside our own membership community for Mentees. We require all Mentors to be full members.

There are no tangible requirements for the mentees to join except that they need to uphold the same standards as ISACA Global and Sweden stated below. 

The value that ISACA gives are professionals by the high standard of ISACA and that all our members that are eligible for representing ISACA as a mentor will have at least a ISACA certification of CISM, CISA, CRISK, CDPSE, CGIT or other and have the experience equivalent to senior professional in their respective field of work.

Structure of the Mentorship Program and Organisation 

As ISACA is a sponsor of the mentorship program, its mentors and mentees will therefore need to uphold the ethical and professional standards that ISACA have. 

This will include: 

Mentoring (CPEs) 
This activity includes mentoring efforts directly related to coaching, reviewing, or assisting with exam preparation or providing career guidance either at the organizational, chapter, or individual level. The mentoring activity must be an activity supporting a specific person in preparation for their ISACA exam or career development. One CPE hour is earned for each hour of assistance.
(10-hour annual limitation)

Mentorship Program Coordinators  

If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. 

ISACA Sweden Chapter 

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