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The goal of the Academic Relations Committee (ARC) is to create a shared vision for building the ISACA Student Group on campus and introduce students to the local professional association. The Academic Relations Committee is responsible for acting as a liaison to local colleges and universities and/or the university's academic advocate. It creates relationships with university and college students.

The members of ARC have the opportunity to share their expertise with students and also can provide assistance to advocates at identified local colleges and universities to review curriculums to help ensure that the most current trends and topics in audit and technology are addressed within these curriculums - based on the experience and observations of ISACA professionals. Please contact the Academic Relations Committee Chair for more information.

The ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter is dedicated to furthering the profession by cultivating strong relationships with the local academic community.

ISACA Student Group Data Analytics Series
  - The ISACA Student Groups is organizing a Data Analytics series and its impact through different industries.
  - This is a monthly series that will occur during the academic year. The series is both a workshop and an information session tailored to students who are interested in the Data Analytics path.

ISACA Student Group Capture the Flag
  - The ISACA Student Group is hosting their first ever Capture the Flag series! Capture the Flag (CTF) is a cybersecurity competition where the team/individuals are given a set of clues to find and “capture the flag”. This event consists of a series of challenges that vary in their degree of difficulty, and that require participants to exercise different skillsets to solve.

Pilot Mentorship Program- February 2022
  - The Academic Relations Committee and the Emerging Professionals Committee are partnering on an opportunity to make a presentation that will bring students and mentors together to understand the benefits of being a mentor, having a mentor for a mentee, and how students can grow into their IT professional career.
  - After the presentation, we will launch a pilot program to see how effective the mentorship program is.

2020 ISACA Student Cybersecurity Case Study competition


Call to Action

For any of the volunteer opportunities mentioned above or any contributions you would like to make to the student group, please fill out the ISACA NY Metropolitan Volunteer Form and email Ashley Mangar at

Please click on the link : Academic Relations Book 2020-2021 Presentation.
Please click on the link : Academic Relations Book 2021-2022 Presentation.

The presentation covers everything we have done in the Academic Relations committee to date.