Committee Chairs

Joseph Tso


Alex Bazay


Sponsorship Program

The ISACA New York Metropolitan Sponsorship Program is a yearly program to partner with IT/Cybersecurity vendors.

The ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter serves the New York metropolitan area by providing education, training, mentorship, and other services to its more than 4,000 members. Participants of the Chapter come from diverse backgrounds in various public and private industries such as the Federal Government, Cybersecurity, Financial Services, Consulting, Public Accounting, Aerospace and Defense, Telecommunications, Higher Education, and many more.

The members also cover a variety of IT-related positions that include IT auditors, consultants, educators, IT security professionals, regulators, chief information officers, and internal auditors, to name a few. 

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Benefits and Return of Investments of the ISACA New York Metropolitan Sponsorship Program?

We provide a platform to connect with IT, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Business leaders and professionals to highlight your company’s latest products and services while increasing industry awareness and visibility.  Additional Benefits:

  • Place your Business in front of established decision-makers and practitioners;
  • Present training sessions to our Membership Conference attendees
  • Build relationships with industry professionals;
  • Develop a network of customers outside of your organization’s existing database; and
  • Affiliate with an internationally respected organization, ISACA.

Sponsorship Opportunity Levels and Point of Contact

Sponsorship opportunities are available on an annual and per-event basis. Event sponsorship is available and can range from exhibitor tables and event sponsors.

If you have any questions about the program or are interested in event sponsorship,  or find out more details regarding Annual and Event sponsorship benefits, please contact Joseph Tso joseph.tso@isacany.org or Alex Bazay alex.bazay@isacany.org.

We Liked to Thank Our Past Sponsors:

9/22 Emerging Professional Coffee Break Event Sponsored by IQ4

9/30 Quarterly Membership Event Sponsorship Event Sponsored by ORock Technology and Mitchell Martin Inc.