Committee Chairs

  Christeen Russell



The SheLeadsTech (SLT) Committee is a women-focused program which works to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce. Powered through a vast global network of women IT professionals dedicated to supporting others, SLT provides women with mentorship, leadership training, and skills training to grow and excel within that industry.

In 2020, the SheLeadsTech Program is run under ISACA's One in Tech Organization. One in Tech is the philantropic entity of ISACA. ISACA believes in supporting and building the technology community beyond its own immediate members, Chapters, clients, and businesses. By investing their own support and infrastructure, and by serving as a catalyst for others to join the One in Tech mission, ISACA is helping build equity, equality, access, and engagement for all communities across the globe.

Strategic Objectives:

There are three arms of the overall program:

- "Raising Awareness" will help educate those around us to the issues women face in the tech industry.

- "Preparing to Lead" will support women as they become leaders in their lives and their careers.

- "Building Global Alliances" includes partnering with other organizations.

Women in Technology Spotlight Series

Each quarter, we highlight a Women in Technology or Cybersecurity to celebrate her professional accomplishments. Our committee accepts nominations throughout the year at sheleadstech@isacany.orgClick here to see our current and past WIT .