Awaken Your Potential Series: Good Intentions vs. Intentionally Good

When:  Apr 10, 2024 from 12:15 to 13:15 (ET)
Associated with  New York Metropolitan Chapter

Awaken Your Potential Series Introduction

In a world facing unprecedented challenges, it's not health or financial crises that loom largest— it's a leadership crisis.  

Join  us for a transformative series on leadership that unveils the blueprint  to awaken your potential and unlock the greatness within yourself and  your organization. In this series, author, entrepreneur, global speaker,  and renowned leadership coach Chad L. Reyes will share leadership  insights from his recently released book, Awaken Your Potential: 10 Ways  to Unlock Greatness. Prepare to be engaged, enlightened, and empowered  as Chad guides you through a dynamic exploration of leadership  principles that are essential for today's leaders. You'll discover  innovative strategies to nurture your growth mindset, build resilient  teams, and lead with authenticity and impact. During each session,  you'll not only be equipped with the tools to navigate the complexities  of our times but also be inspired to lead with a renewed sense of  purpose and passion. 


April 10, 2024: Good Intentions vs. Intentionally Good (1 CPE) 

Join  us as we explore the heart of intentional living with author,  entrepreneur, global speaker, and renowned leadership coach Chad L.  Reyes as he shares leadership insights from his recently released book,  Awaken Your Potential: 10 Ways to Unlock Greatness. 

This session  will focus on the critical shift from having good intentions to living  intentionally good - a key to unlocking success in all facets of life.  Discover how intentional, strategic actions can set the stage for  achieving your most ambitious goals. Through an engaging mix of  storytelling, practical advice, and evidence-based strategies, Chad will  offer insights into how to become intentionally good and turn your  dreams into intentional action. Attendees will learn five actionable  steps for cultivating intentionality that lead to significant,  transformative growth. This session will provide a comprehensive guide  to harness the power of your intentions to forge a path to greatness.  Prepare to transform your good intentions into a life lived  intentionally well, with clear direction and purpose.

This is a Free Event!